Foreign Minister demands Israeli compliance with UN resolution

January 16, 2009

Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal chaired in Kuwait today an extraordinary session of the Arab League’s Ministerial Council aimed at coordinating a joint response to Israel’s attack on Gaza.


Prince Saud, chairman of the current session of the Ministerial Council, insisted that Israel must be pressured to comply with UN Security Council Resolution 1860, which calls for an immediate ceasefire.

“The ferocious war is still raging in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian people continue to face brutal aggression and pay the price of thousands of killed and injured,” Prince Saud told the Council. “Meanwhile we have in our hands the UN Security Council resolution that calls for an immediate cease-fire in addition to a withdrawal, the lifting of the siege and the opening of the [Gaza border] crossings.”

If Israel continues to ignore the resolution, he added, it must be held accountable for its actions in national and international legal bodies.

Prince Saud also emphasized the importance of starting a serious and comprehensive dialogue on the issue with the new U.S. administration, as soon as President-elect Barack Obama takes office.

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