Arrest warrants issued for 23 people linked to troubles in Eastern Province

January 2, 2012

The Ministry of Interior today issued arrest warrants for 23 people accused of various offenses in the Eastern Province over the past few months, including opening fire on citizens and security men, resulting in the death of 4 and the wounding of 24 people, illegal possession of firearms, forcing people to provide them with shelter, forcing people to participate in clashes with security forces, destruction of public and private property, disorderly gatherings, and obstruction of traffic.

Ministry of Interior Spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki said the arrest warrants were issued after the suspects failed to appear before a court of justice and that some suspects are believed to have fled the country. The spokesman emphasized that these 23 men are not representative of the innocent, loyal citizens of the region and instead are working to implement a foreign agenda.  Maj. Gen. Al-Turki added that some of the wanted men have past criminal records.

The spokesman said that those who voluntarily surrender will receive less punishment and urged all citizens to cooperate with security forces to see that those suspect are brought to justice and cautioned against sheltering the fugitives. People in Saudi Arabia are urged to call 990 with any information, he said, adding that a reward for information leading to the capture of the fugitives is being offered.

The wanted people are, in Arabic alphabetical order, as follows:

  1)  Ahmed Sharaf Hassan Al-Sadah
  2)  Bashir Jafar Hassan Al-Mutlaq
  3)  Hassan Jafar Hassan Al-Mutlaq
  4)  Hussein Hassan Ali Al-Rabee’i
  5)  Hussein Ali Abdullah Al-Braki
  6)  Khalid Abdul Karim Al-Labad
  7)  Radwan Jafar Mohammed Al-Radwan
  8)  Ramzi Mohammed Abdullah Al-Jamal
  9)  Salman Ali Salman Al-Faraj
10)  Shah Ali Issa Al-Shukan
11)  Abbas Ali Mohammed Al-Mazra
12)  Abdullah Salman Saleh Al-Asrih
13)  Ali Hassan Ahmed Al-Zayed
14)  Ali Mohammed Mahdi Khalfan
15)  Fadel Hassan Abdullah Al-Safwani
16)  Mohammed Hassan Ahmed Al-Zayed
17)  Mohammed Saleh Abdullah Al-Zenadi
18)  Mohammed Ali Abdulrahim Al-Faraj
19)  Mohammed Isa Saleh Al-Labad
20)  Mohammed Kadhim Jafar Al-Shakhuri
21)  Murcy Ali Ibrahim Al-Rebh
22)  Montather Ali Saleh Al-Sbiti
23)  Musa Jafar Mohammad Al-Mabiouq

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