In the War on Terrorisim


audi Arabia has been an active partner in the U.S.-led war on international terrorism. It has worked openly, as well as behind the scenes, with the United States , the United Nations and other countries and international organizations to seek out perpetrators and eliminate sources of funding for terrorists. The comments below reflect the depth of the Saudi commitment to this campaign.

• “ A s far as the Saudi Arabians go ... they’ve been nothing but cooperative.”

       —U.S. President George W. Bush, September 24, 2001


• “ Saudi Arabia is a long-standing friend and a long-standing ally. … We very much appreciate the way they are cooperating in the global war against terrorism.”

            — White House Spokesman Scott McClellan, August 6, 2002


• “We’re going to continue to work cooperatively with the Saudis on a host of issues. The Saudi cooperation has been strong, and we’ll continue to work with them.”

— White House Spokesman A ri Fleischer, June 19, 2002


          • “The President believes the current arrangements are working and working well … [and he] thanked Saudi A rabia for their friendship, cooperation and help.”

— White House Spokesman A ri Fleischer, January 18, 2002


          • “ Saudi A rabia has been helpful across the board in areas dealing with financing, [and] the President is very pleased with the cooperation of the Saudi government.”

            — White House Spokesman A ri Fleischer, November 19, 2001


          • “ Saudi Arabia has been prominent among the countries acting against the accounts of terrorist organizations … and I am delighted that Saudi Arabia … has just ratified [the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism].”

            U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, November 7, 2001  

• “The Saudis have been responsive on all of the things that we have asked them to do.”

            U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, October 31, 2001


• “US-Saudi counter-terrorism cooperation has been very solid, and we have every expectation to believe that that will continue. ... We share a broad array of interests, including a common vision of peace, stability and prosperity in the region.”

            U.S. State Department Spokesman Philip T. Reeker, August 12, 2002


• “The United States and Saudi A rabia enjoy excellent relations. … We’re pleased that we've been able to expand this relationship to include common efforts against the threat of international terrorism. The Saudi government has cooperated in the international campaign against terrorism, and we welcome steps taken by Saudi Arabia to help combat the problem of terrorism financing, an important aspect of our war on terrorism globally.”

            U.S. State Department Spokesman Philip Reeker, August 6, 2002


• “I think we’ve continued to have very good cooperation, to be fully satisfied with Saudi Arabia as we work together on the important financial aspect of the war against terrorism.”

            U.S. State Department Spokesman Philip Reeker, April 3, 2002


• “We’re very satisfied with Saudi cooperation. They’ve been with us in many areas of this coalition in Afghanistan ] and many of the steps that need to be taken. 
… They’ve worked with us on a number of military requests that we’ve had. A nd we’re working together in the financial area as well. … We’ve found that they’ve been together on everything we’ve asked.”

  U.S. State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher, October 11, 2001


 • “We have had a long, close relationship with Saudi Arabia .”

—    U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, August 7, 2002

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