{short description of image}  Winter 2000
Volume 16, Number 4


Muslims Worldwide Mark Holy Events

More than one billion Muslims worldwide observe the holy month of Ramadan and mark the Hajj season, when about two million Muslims make the pilgrimage to the Holy Mosque in Makkah.

Prince Sultan's Visit Reflects Close Saudi-U.S. Relationship
The visit of Second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector-General Prince Sultan Ibn Abdul Aziz provided an opportunity for face-to-face discussions with President Bill Clinton and high-level U.S. officials on issues of interest to the two countries.

U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council
The U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council, based in Washington, DC, has contributed to the expansion of commercial and economic ventures between Saudi and U.S. businesses.

A Glimpse of Saudi Arabia at Epcot's Millennium Village

A Glimpse of Saudi Arabia at Epcot's Millennium Village The Spirit of Saudi Arabia exhibit at Epcot Center's Millennium Village has given tens of thousands of visitors a unique glimpse of Saudi Arabia's history and its people.

Saudi Arabia's Admission to WTO Promises Benefits for All
Saudi Arabia's admission to the World Trade Organization is expected to have immense economic benefits for other countries, notably the United States, as well as for Saudi Arabia itself.

Islamic University of Madinah: Shining Example of Islamic Education
The Islamic University of Madinah is dedicated to providing quality education to outstanding students from Saudi Arabia and other countries.


More than one million worshippers at prayer in the Holy Mosque in Makkah.


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