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Summer 1998, Volume 15, Number 2


Taif: The Summer Capital
Nestled in high mountains, the ancient city of Taif, long a center of agriculture, attracts visitors from across Saudi Arabia to enjoy the cool, refreshing climate and beautiful scenery.

Saudi Arabia Makes Second Appearance at World Cup
Saudi Arabia’s second consecutive appearance at the World Cup finals and its successful showings at Asian and international competitions attest to the qualitative improvement in soccer and other sports in the Kingdom.

Doors to the Past
Traditional doors, carved, painted and embellished with brass and other metals are being preserved and making a comeback in modern Saudi architecture.

Links Across the Sand
Numerous golf courses in Saudi Arabia offer enthusiasts, both Saudi and expatriate, an opportunity to play a round and enjoy the water hazards and greens meticulously built and maintained in the arid landscape.

Door to a walled garden in western Saudi Arabia

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