Spring 1998, Volume 15, Number 1


Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, The City of the Prophet
The ancient oasis of Madinah, site of the Prophet's Mosque, the second holiest site in Islam, has undergone tremendous changes over the past decades while maintaining its religious and cultural values.

Mastering Saudi Arabia's Gas Resources
Once produced primarily as a byproduct of oil operations, natural gas is now a valuable, environment-friendly and economical resource. Today, Saudi Arabia has established a vast network of pipelines and state-of-the-art plants to collect, process and utilize its extensive gas reserves as fuel and feedstock for a burgeoning industrial sector.

Saudi Showcase Goes Global
Private sector companies in Saudi Arabia play an important role in the Kingdom's continued economic growth by arranging domestic, regional and international exhibitions which are important venues for businesses from Saudi Arabia and other countries to meet and forge commercial partnerships.

Desert in Bloom
The arid deserts of Saudi Arabia burst into life every spring as rains and cooler temperatures trigger the growth and blooming of hundreds of different species of plants and flowers.

Traditional Saudi Recipes

The Prophet's Mosque in Madinah

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