2 Riyadh Maintains Its Heritage While Managing Growth
In the space of little over half a century, the capital of Saudi Arabia has grown - while retaining its traditional character - from a city of 30,000 people covering three square miles to a modern metropolis of more than three million extending over 600 square miles..

8 The Cherished Date Palm
For thousands of years the date palm has provided sustenance to the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula. Today, it appears on the national emblem of Saudi Arabia, and dates remain a staple of the Saudi diet.

12The Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Works to Ensure Private Sector Growth The Council of Chambers of Commerce and Industry plays a pivotal role in supporting the government's efforts to expand the function of the private sector in the national economy.

17The Lure and Legend of Arabian Jewelry
Bedouin jewelry is one of the main traditional art forms of Arabia and continues to enjoy popularity while influencing modern jewelry design in the Kingdom.

Traditional Saudi Recipes

Main Photo: The residents of Riyadh, like those of most Saudi cities, enjoy leisure time spent in the nearby desert. Insets, top to bottom: date palms, traditional jewelry and a Saudi technician at a private sector company.

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