Setting the Stage for 65 Years of Development and Progress
Over a relatively short span of 65 years since the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded by King Abdul Aziz Ibn Abdul Rahman Al-Saud in 1932, the nation has undergone tremendous change while adhering to its strong religious and social values.

The Remarkable Transformation of the Dammam-Dhahran- Al-Khobar Triangle
The Dammam, Dhahran and Al-Khobar area along the Arabian Gulf is now one of the busiest centers of business and industry in the Middle East.

Contributing to a Nation's Growth: The Private Sector
With strong support from the government, the private sector has taken a leading role in the nation's economic growth.

Saudi Shopping Centers: Offering the Best of Traditional and Modern Goods
Modern shopping malls as well as old-fashioned souqs (markets) offer Saudi consumers products from the Kingdom and abroad.

As Saudi Arabia observes its National Day, citizens have much to celebrate as the Kingdom continues to make great strides.

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