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2 Fine Tuning Development Planning
Saudi Arabia's five-year development plans have helped transform the Kingdom into
a vibrant community of people enjoying first-rate social, medical and educational
services and involved in global industry and commerce.

8 Knowledge and Technology in the Service of Health Care
The King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center employs the most modern
telemedicine network in the world to improve the quality of its services and as
an educational tool.

14 Blending Tradition and Progress in the Desert
Living in a harsh and demanding environment, Bedouins have developed a rich
tradition and culture. Today, they cherish their heritage while benefiting from
the modern amenities of life in Saudi Arabia.

18 Saudi Private Sector Companies Strive for Excellence
With active government support and encouragement, the Saudi private sector has
increased its contribution to the nation's gross domestic product (GDP) by
53-fold in less than a quarter of a century and is poised for further growth.

22 Recipes
Traditional Saudi recipes

Young Saudi students at a technical education institute in Riyadh learn skills that will allow them to contribute to the Kingdom's continued development and progress.

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