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2 Saudi Athletes in Atlanta Strive to Build on Their Nation's Olympic Tradition
The Saudi Arabian athletes at the 26th Olympic Games in Atlanta are building on a tradition
begun in 1972 of representing their nation with pride and distinction.

6 A Modern Sports System Produces World-Class Athletes
Over a span of a little more than three decades, Saudi Arabia has transformed itself from a
sports backwater into a respected competitor in international events. This change has been brought about by
a national program to develop and promote sports throughout the country and to encourage the participation
of as many people as possible.

11 The Saudi Arabian Olympic Delegation
A list of team officials, coaches and athletes who will be attending the 26th Olympics in Atlanta.

15 Saudi Boy Scouts Keep Alive a Tradition While Serving the Community
Like their counterparts all over the world, Saudi Arabian Boy Scouts are committed to service, brotherhood and self-reliance.

19 The King Fahd Coastal City - Enjoying Recreational Activities on the Red Sea
As many as 100,000 people visit the King Fahd Coastal City each year.
The complex, located on a lagoon on the Red Sea near Jeddah, provides a range of water and other sports.

22 Recipes
Traditional Saudi recipes

The Saudi Arabian delegation at the opening ceremonies of the Seoul Olympics in 1988.

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