2012 News Releases

December 30, 2012Saudi Arabia allocates $75.5 million in emergency famine relief for Somalia
December 29, 2012Minister: TV channels threatening unity to be shut down
December 29, 2012King Abdullah issued three royal decrees on 2013 state budget
December 29, 2012Ministry of Finance Report on FY2012 outcome and FY2013 budget
December 29, 2012One million dollar allocated for ALECSO building in Tunisia
December 28, 2012King Abdullah issues amnesty prisoners
December 28, 2012Schools to end academic year June 26 and start August 17, 2013
December 28, 2012Qatar Airways, Gulf Air awarded licenses to operate domestic service in Saudi Arabia
December 27, 2012Saudi authorities cooperate in arrest of terrorist cell in UAE
December 26, 2012Crown Prince Salman performed funeral prayer for Prince Turki bin Sultan, Princess Sita bint Fahd Aldamer
December 26, 2012Dar Al-Hekma College graduates first group of women firefighters
December 25, 2012Death of Prince Turki bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz announced
December 25, 2012Royal Court announces death of Princess Sita bint Fahd Aldamer
December 25, 2012GCC Manama summit concludes with calls for greater cooperation
December 24, 2012Crown Prince Salman arrives in Bahrain for GCC summit
December 23, 2012Prince Saud arrives in Bahrain for GCC meeting
December 23, 2012Minister stresses benefit of Arabian Gulf union
December 23, 2012King Abdullah orders the establishment of two medical cities
December 23, 2012Hospital to be setup at Taibah University
December 23, 2012Saudi Arabia to manufacture buses to meet rise in school transportation demand
December 22, 2012Saudi conjoined twins successfully separated in Saudi Arabia
December 20, 2012Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources arrives in Cairo
December 20, 20122011 key demographic and economic indicators
December 19, 2012Saudi Embassy releases 1433 (2012) figures for Hajj visas issued in the US
December 19, 2012IIRO opens center to receive Syrian refugees in Lebanon
December 18, 2012King, Crown Prince send condolences following Connecticut shootings
December 18, 2012Saudi National Campaign distributes assistance to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
December 18, 2012Saudi Campaign provides SR 1.5 million for medicines in Jordan
December 17, 2012Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet session (12/17/12)
December 16, 2012IIROSA distributes aid in Asia and Africa
December 15, 2012Two Saudi planes loaded with food aid arrive in Cameroon
December 14, 20127th Saudi relief convoy arrives at refugee camp in Jordan
December 14, 2012Official: Kingdom will continue its anti-terror efforts
December 13, 2012Royal Court: King Abdullah leaves hospital
December 13, 2012Saudi Campaign distributes 4,000 blankets to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
December 12, 2012Kingdom recognizes Syrian National Coalition, provides $100 million in aid
December 12, 2012Oil Minister leads delegation to OPEC meeting in Vienna
December 11, 2012National Guard Commander receives former U.S. Chief of Staff
December 10, 2012Crown Prince Salman receives delegation of U.S. Congress
December 10, 2012Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet session (12/10/12)
December 7, 2012Forbes names King Abdullah Arab world’s most powerful person
December 5, 2012King Abdullah thanks U.S. President for congratulations
December 4, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal addresses Palestine, Syria at press conference
December 4, 2012Al-Naimi takes part in Doha conference on climate change
December 4, 2012Saudi food aid for Syrian refugees in Jordan
December 3, 2012Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet session (12/3/12)
December 3, 2012Crown Prince Salman receives British Defense Secretary
December 2, 2012U.S. mayors’ delegation meets with tourism and industrial officials
December 2, 2012Islamic Development Bank gives medical equipment to Somali hospitals
December 1, 2012Kingdom congratulates Palestinian people on obtaining observer state status at U.N.
November 30, 2012OIC Secretary General welcomes U.N. Resolution recognizing state of Palestine
November 29, 2012Yemeni President condemns killing of Saudi official in Sana’a
November 29, 2012Prince Khalid Al-Faisal leads the ceremonial washing of the Ka’aba
November 28, 2012Saudi employee at Military Attaché in Yemen killed
November 27, 2012Saudi Arabia invests $50 billion in mining
November 27, 2012Crown Prince Salman opens 11th session of GCC Defense Ministers
November 26, 2012Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet session (11/26/12)
November 26, 2012King Abdullah Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue Center opened
November 24, 2012Centennial Fund, Oracle Corporation sign accord for IT cooperation
November 21, 2012Saudi Arabia provides financial support to Palestinian refugees
November 20, 2012Arab Ministerial Committee visits Gaza
November 19, 2012Crown Prince chairs Cabinet’s session (11/19/12)
November 18, 2012King undergoes successful back surgery
November 18, 2012Saudi Campaign distributes 375 food baskets to Syrians in Lebanon
November 17, 2012Saudi medical team to perform free open-heart surgeries in Yemen
November 17, 2012Crown Prince Salman receives Commander of U.S. CENTCOM
November 17, 201239th Session of OIC Foreign Ministers Council issues Djibouti Declaration
November 17, 2012Minister of State for Foreign Affairs attends emergency Arab League meeting
November 16, 2012Saudi Archeological Masterpieces Exhibition opens at the Smithsonian
November 16, 2012Syracuse University honors Prince Sultan bin Salman with Chancellor’s Medal
November 15, 2012Prince Khalid bin Saud bin Khalid visits Embassy
November 13, 2012Prince Saud calls for international commitment to end crisis in Syria
November 13, 2012Kingdom continues to provide aid to Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan
November 13, 2012IIROSA establishes field hospital for Syrian refugees on Lebanese border
November 12, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (11/12/12)
November 12, 2012King Abdullah receives Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
November 11, 2012King Abdullah to undergo back surgery next week
November 10, 2012Houston Mayor leads trade mission to Saudi Arabia
November 9, 2012Kingdom funds food, medical aid in Niger
November 9, 2012King Abdullah receives Qatari Prime Minister
November 8, 2012King Abdullah speaks with President Obama by telephone
November 7, 2012King Abdullah congratulates President Barack Obama
November 6, 2012King receives British Prime Minister David Cameron
November 5, 2012Prince Mohammed bin Nayef named Minister of Interior
November 5, 2012Eleven suspected terrorists arrested on Yemeni border
November 5, 2012Over 572,000 pilgrims have departed the Kingdom
November 4, 2012King Abdullah receives French president
November 4, 2012Saudi National Campaign continues aid distribution to displaced Syrians in Beirut
November 3, 2012IIROSA provides aid to Syrian refugees in Jordan
November 2, 201222 killed in gas tanker accident in Riyadh
October 31, 2012Pilgrims begin departing from the Kingdom
October 30, 2012Ambassador: No Saudis injured by Hurricane Sandy
October 29, 2012Remaining pilgrims complete Hajj rituals
October 28, 2012King holds annual reception for Islamic officials and heads of Hajj missions
October 27, 20123,161,573 pilgrims perform Hajj this year
October 27, 2012King Abdullah addresses pilgrims in Mina
October 26, 2012Saudi Embassy holds Eid Al-Adha reception
October 26, 2012King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.S. President, other world leaders
October 25, 2012Pilgrims arrive in Arafat
October 24, 2012IIRO launches emergency relief program in Pakistan
October 23, 20123,000 food rations distributed at Al-Zaatari Camp in Jordan
October 23, 2012King Abdullah approves admittance of Syrian children to Saudi schools
October 22, 2012Royal orders appoint three senior Foreign Ministry officials
October 22, 2012Over 1.7 million pilgrims have arrived in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj
October 21, 2012Minister of Interior holds annual Hajj press conference
October 20, 2012Saudi Arabia condemns terrorist bombing in Beirut
October 20, 201213th Makkah Conference held
October 19, 2012GCC SG: Confession of conspiracy to kill Saudi Ambassador a serious development
October 19, 2012First Palestinian guests of King Abdullah arrive in Makkah for Hajj
October 18, 2012King Abdullah receives King of Morocco
October 17, 2012Deputy Defense Minister receives U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
October 17, 2012Supreme Court declares Friday October 26 Eid Al-Adha
October 16, 2012Over 1.3 million pilgrims arrive in Saudi Arabia
October 16, 2012Kingdom calls for full Palestinian membership at the U.N.
October 15, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (10/15/12)
October 12, 2012King Abdullah receives U.N.-Arab League Envoy to Syria
October 12, 201210,000 food baskets, blankets delivered to Afghanistan
October 11, 2012Royal Orders make new appointments
October 10, 2012848,101 Hajj pilgrims arrive in Saudi Arabia
October 10, 2012Dr. Khoja chairs 20th meeting of GCC Information Ministers
October 9, 2012Al-Naimi: New gas field discovered in Red Sea
October 8, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (10/8/12)
October 8, 2012Governor of Makkah receives Bill Gates
October 6, 2012Minister of Finance: Saudi Arabia discusses raising its stake in the IMF
October 5, 2012King Abdullah receives Yemeni President
October 4, 2012Minister of Health participates in 59th Session of WHO Regional Committee
October 4, 2012IMF Chief hails Kingdom’s stabilizing role in global financial crisis
October 3, 2012482,217 pilgrims have arrived in the Kingdom
October 1, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (10/1/12)
October 1, 2012King Abdullah makes appointments
September 30, 2012Forum on U.S.-GCC strategic cooperation held in New York
September 29, 2012Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz delivers Kingdom’s U.N. speech
September 29, 2012King orders hosting of 1,400 pilgrims for this year’s Hajj season
September 29, 2012Saudi Arabia calls for nuclear weapon-free Middle East
September 28, 2012King Abdullah receives senior Chinese official
September 27, 2012Saudi Campaign continues distribution of assistance to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
September 27, 2012Friends of Yemen Ministerial Meeting held in New York
September 26, 2012King Abdullah receives phone call from Bahraini King
September 25, 2012GCC Ministers of Labor meet in Riyadh
September 25, 2012IIROSA Office in Beirut continues efforts to help displaced Syrians
September 24, 2012Saudi Embassy Celebrates National Day
September 24, 2012King Abdullah returns to the Kingdom from Morocco
September 24, 2012Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (9/24/12)
September 23, 2012Nearly 110,000 pilgrims have arrived in Kingdom for this year’s Hajj
September 23, 2012U.S. Ambassador congratulates Saudi leadership and people on National Day
September 22, 2012Crown Prince Salman delivers National Day speech
September 19, 2012Saudi heart surgery team performs 270 operations on Yemeni children
September 18, 2012Saudi Campaign distributes 19,500 aid baskets to Syrians refugees in Turkey
September 17, 2012Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (9/17/12)
September 16, 2012Saudi medical team launches Open Heart Program in Yemen
September 15, 2012Saudi Grand Mufti denounced attacks on diplomats and embassies as un-Islamic
September 15, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives phone call from U.S. Secretary of State
September 14, 2012Saudi National Campaign for Syria distributes aid to refugees in Lebanon
September 14, 2012King Abdullah receives former Lebanese Prime Minister
September 13, 2012Saudi Arabia condemns anti-Islam film, violent reaction against US
September 13, 2012WAMY assists orphans in Niger
September 12, 2012Deputy Finance Minister meets U.S. Treasury Deputy Secretary
September 11, 2012King Abdullah receives Moroccan King
September 11, 2012Egyptian President receives Minister of Commerce and Industry
September 10, 2012Al-Naimi: Current high price of oil not supported by market fundamentals
September 10, 2012Crown Prince receives Middle East Institute delegation
September 10, 2012Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (9/10/12)
September 9, 2012Interior Ministry warns citizens against traveling to Ethiopia
September 8, 2012Minister of Interior patronizes symposium on money laundering, terrorist financing
September 7, 2012Saudi medical team arrives in Yemen to perform open-heart surgeries
September 7, 2012King receives Moroccan Prince, Board of Directors of Dialogue Center
September 6, 2012Royal Court: Prince Saud Al-Faisal leaves hospital
September 5, 2012Saudi Arabia among the 20 most competitive economies in the world
September 5, 2012Arab Foreign Ministers Council begins 138th session in Cairo
September 5, 2012Saudi medical clinics for Syrian refugees open in Jordan
September 4, 2012Saudi conference pledges $6.4 billion in aid to Yemen
September 4, 2012SRCA gives $450,000 to UNHCR to support Somali refugees
September 3, 2012Saudi Ambassador to Myanmar delivers $1 million check for Rohingya Muslims
September 3, 2012Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet session
September 3, 2012Ministry of Interior: Fugitive arrested in Qatif Province
September 1, 2012WAMY distributes 600 food baskets in Chad
August 31, 2012King Abdullah receives Moroccan Prime Minister
August 30, 2012Non-Aligned Movement Summit opens in Tehran
August 27, 2012King Abdullah travels to Casablanca
August 26, 2012Saudi Arabia Thwarts Terror Plot
August 26, 2012Second convoy of Saudi aid reaches Syrian refugees in Jordan
August 19, 2012Hundreds attended Eid Al-Fitr prayers and breakfast at Embassy
August 17, 2012Saudi Campaign to provide 2,500 housing units for Syrian refugees
August 16, 2012Islamic Solidarity Summit releases final communiqué
August 15, 2012Islamic Solidarity Summit opens in Makkah
August 14, 2012Leaders arrive in Kingdom to participate in Islamic Solidarity Summit
August 14, 2012Saudi Campaign sends 2nd aid convoy to Syrian refugees in Jordan
August 13, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (8/13/12)
August 12, 2012Saudi Campaign to set up health centers for Syrian refugees in Jordan
August 11, 2012Royal Court: Prince Saud Al-Faisal undergoes minor surgery
August 11, 2012King orders provision of $50 million in aid for Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar
August 10, 2012IIRO distributes 120,000 kilograms of food in Somalia
August 9, 2012National Campaign for Syria receives more than $140 million
August 8, 2012IMF highlights Saudi role in boosting world economy in 2011
August 7, 2012Saudi relief supplies for Syrian refugees arrive in Jordan
August 7, 2012Over five million visas granted for this year’s Umrah
August 6, 2012Saudi Campaign for Syria collects more than $134 million
August 4, 2012Saudi Ambassador: U.N. vote in favor of Arab resolution reflects global will
August 2, 2012Saudi National Campaign for Syria dispatches first relief convoy
August 2, 2012OIC launches Media Hope Campaign to collect aid for the Yemeni people
August 1, 2012Tabuk University medical students receive training in U.S.
August 1, 2012Crown Prince receives Bahraini counterpart
July 31, 2012Saudi Arabia Orders Smoking Ban
July 31, 2012Saudi National Campaign for Syria to run first relief convoy
July 30, 2012Saudi Campaign for Syria collects $108.22 million in 7 days
July 30, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (7/30/12)
July 30, 2012Saudi Iftar Projects launched in Djibouti, Pakistan, Sudan and Indonesia
July 28, 2012Palestinian officials thank King Abdullah for hosting 2,000 Palestinian pilgrims
July 27, 2012Ambassador meets with Saudi participants in the XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington
July 27, 2012Saudi National Campaign for Syria yields more than $65 million
July 26, 2012Saudi Campaign for Syrian people collects over $46 million
July 26, 2012New data illustrates Saudi Arabia’s strong international investment position
July 25, 2012Saudi National Campaign for Syria collects more than $36 million in 2 days
July 25, 2012Saudi Consulate in Istanbul distributes 4,500 kilograms of dates
July 25, 2012Foreign Minister announces arrest in Dhaka of a Saudi diplomat’s assassins
July 24, 2012Saudi Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosted traditional Iftar
July 24, 2012Saudi Arabia participates in XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington
July 24, 2012Saudi campaign to help Syrian people raised over $32 million on first day
July 24, 2012IIROSA to distribute more than 15,000 food baskets in 8 countries during Ramadan
July 24, 2012TVTC, GE sign agreement to establish technical academy for Saudi students
July 23, 2012Saudi donation campaign for Syrian people to begin today
July 23, 2012New head of Saudi Standards and Quality Organization
July 23, 2012Saudi Committee for Relief of Palestinian People Distributes Ramadan Food in Gaza
July 23, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (7/23/12)
July 22, 2012Saudi King Orders National Donation Campaign for Syrian People
July 22, 2012King Abdullah calls for extraordinary meeting on Islamic solidarity in Makkah
July 22, 2012King Abdullah calls for Extraordinary Conference of Islamic Solidarity in Makkah
July 20, 2012Family of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz donate 10 tons of dates to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
July 19, 2012Supreme Court declares Friday first day of Ramadan
July 19, 2012King Abdullah names Prince Bandar bin Sultan Chief of General Intelligence
July 19, 2012Saudi King and Crown Prince Congratulate Muslims on Ramadan
July 18, 2012Crown Prince Salman meets with head of US military training mission
July 17, 2012Crown Prince Salman meets with CENTCOM chief
July 17, 2012Saudi Petromin Corporation Opens Regional Center in Sudan
July 17, 2012Weapons smuggler arrested in Jazan
July 16, 2012King Abdullah holds talks with Pakistani Prime Minister
July 16, 2012King Abdullah receives message from President Obama
July 16, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (7/16/12)
July 16, 2012Kingdom to provide food assistance to Gaza
July 15, 2012Saudi Arabia condemns Russian comments
July 13, 2012Kingdom provides 200 tons of aid to Comoros
July 13, 2012King Abdullah receives Palestinian President Abbas
July 13, 2012Kingdom gives $20 million to UNESCO Emergency Fund
July 12, 2012King Abdullah holds talks with new Egyptian President
July 10, 2012Saudi Embassy in Washington honors KACARE delegation
July 10, 2012Crown Prince Salman receives Director of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency
July 10, 2012Saudi planes deliver 200 tons of food to Burkina Faso
July 10, 2012President of Saudi Allegiance-Pledge Commission leaves New York
July 9, 2012King Abdullah receives CIA Director
July 9, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (7/9/12)
July 9, 2012Saudi Arabia, Arab League contribute to construction of 21 villages in Darfur
July 8, 2012Egypt President to Visit Saudi on First Foreign Trip
July 7, 2012IIROSA provides housing for Syrian refugees in Lebanon
July 6, 2012Saudi Arabia calls for Syrian issue to be forwarded to U.N. Security Council
July 4, 2012Foreign Ministry denies reports of closure of Saudi Embassy in Yemen
July 4, 2012King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.N. Secretary General
July 3, 2012King Abdullah congratulates U.S. President on Independence Day
July 2, 2012Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues travel warning for Lebanon
July 2, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (7/2/12)
July 2, 2012Kingdom offers full scholarships to 75 Ugandan college students
July 1, 2012King Abdullah appoints new president for King Khalid University
July 1, 2012King Abdullah relieves president of Saudi Railways Organization of his post
July 1, 2012King Abdullah appoints new president for King Saud University
June 30, 20124th Saudi relief plane arrives in Ethiopia
June 29, 2012King orders major expansion of Prophet’s Mosque
June 28, 2012Saudi Arabia delivers food aid to Ethiopia
June 27, 2012Kingdom’s literacy rate rises to 96 percent
June 27, 2012Saudi Arabia, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights sign MoU
June 26, 2012Saudi Arabia Calls on Syrian Regime to Stop Violence
June 26, 2012Crown Prince Salman receives Jordanian Prime Minister
June 26, 2012Prince Khalid bin Sultan receives Chief of U.S. Training Mission
June 25, 2012OIC Executive Committee recommends Syrian suspension
June 25, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (6/25/12)
June 25, 2012Saudi Arabia Supports OIC Suspension of Syria
June 24, 2012New Mayor of Riyadh appointed
June 23, 2012Saudi aid convoy arrives in Jordan for displaced Syrians families
June 23, 201254.3 million mobile subscriptions at the end of first quarter
June 22, 2012King Abdullah swears-in Prince Ahmad
June 22, 2012Saudi cardiology team arrives in Kyrgyzstan to conduct surgeries
June 22, 2012Ambassador Al-Jubeir, embassy staff pledge allegiance to Crown Prince Salman
June 21, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal meets with British FM
June 21, 2012Makkah Governor washes Holy Kaaba
June 20, 2012U.S. Secretary of Defense, FBI Director arrive in Jeddah
June 20, 2012Crown Prince receives U.S. Secretary of Defense
June 20, 2012King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.S. President
June 20, 2012People offer condolences on death of Prince Nayef at embassy
June 20, 2012Crown Prince Salman receives officials from around the world
June 19, 2012Saudi Arabia donates $5 million to Gaza through UNRWA
June 19, 2012Minister of Finance leads Saudi delegation to G-20 Summit in Mexico
June 18, 2012King Abdullah names Prince Salman Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister
June 18, 2012King Abdullah appoints Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Minister of Interior
June 18, 2012King Abdullah receives world leaders in Taif
June 18, 2012Saudi Embassy hosts funeral prayers for Crown Prince Nayef, receives condolences
June 18, 2012President Obama: U.S. looks forward to working with Crown Prince Salman
June 18, 2012NATO Secretary General praises Crown Prince Nayef
June 17, 2012Body of Crown Prince Nayef Arrives in Jeddah
June 17, 2012King Abdullah Orders Salat Al-Gha'ib for Crown Prince Nayef
June 17, 2012Governors to Receive Citizens for Condolences on Death of Prince Nayef
June 17, 2012World dignitaries began arriving in Saudi Arabia for funeral of Crown Prince Nayef
June 17, 2012Saudi officials in the U.S. offer condolences to Prince Mishaal bin Abdulaziz
June 17, 2012King Abdullah performs funeral prayers for Crown Prince Nayef
June 16, 2012Saudi Royal Court announces death of Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz
June 16, 2012Embassy to open condolence book
June 16, 2012King Abdullah receives condolences, including from U.S. President Obama
June 15, 2012King Abdullah receives Kosovo’s Prime Minister
June 14, 2012King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.S. President
June 13, 2012SR 2 million offered for information about Nasher Al-Qahtani
June 13, 2012Labor Minister addresses ILO’s 101st Session
June 13, 2012Saudi Non-Oil Exports Increase 11 Percent, Imports Up 18 Percent
June 12, 2012Prince Mishaal bin Abdulaziz arrives in New York
June 12, 2012French President receives Prince Miteb bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz
June 11, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (6/11/12)
June 11, 2012King Abdullah receives King of Bahrain
June 11, 2012Saudi Relief Campaign for Somalia signs agreement with UNICEF
June 11, 2012King of Morocco receives Speaker of Majlis Al-Shoura
June 10, 2012Saudi Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Maldives delivers 440 tons of dates
June 8, 2012Saudi Arabia calls for buffer zone in Syria
June 8, 2012King of Spain receives Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz
June 7, 2012Saudi Campaign funds medical services in Gaza
June 6, 2012GCC Ministerial Council concludes 123rd meeting
June 6, 2012Prince Mohammed University, University of Central Florida sign agreement
June 6, 2012Saudi Arabia provides dates to Egypt and Ghana
June 5, 2012IIROSA digs wells for orphans in Somalia
June 4, 2012King Abdullah receives U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
June 4, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (6/4/12)
June 3, 2012Prince Saud opens U.N. Counterterrorism Center meeting in Jeddah
June 3, 2012Deputy Chief of Staff receives Commander of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command
June 2, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal holds meeting with Qatari PM, Kofi Annan
June 1, 2012King Abdullah receives Lebanese President
June 1, 2012Saudi Arabia calls on world community to shoulder responsibility in Syria
May 31, 2012Saudi Arabia calls for punishing perpetrators of Houla massacre
May 29, 2012Minister of Finance meets with President of U.S. Federal Reserve Council
May 29, 2012King Abdullah receives Senegal’s President
May 29, 2012King Abdullah receives President of Guinea
May 28, 2012King Abdullah receives U.S. Senator Benjamin Nelson
May 28, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (5/28/12)
May 27, 2012Graduation ceremony held for Saudi students in Maryland
May 26, 2012Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University participates in Career Day Exhibition
May 26, 2012Crown Prince leaves the Kingdom on private vacation
May 26, 2012WHO adopts Saudi initiative on medical care for large gatherings
May 24, 2012Saudi Embassy in Algiers delivers 275 tons of dates to WFP
May 24, 2012Kingdom hosts Friends of Yemen meeting, pledges $3.25 billion in aid
May 23, 2012Ambassador hosts promotion ceremony for Defense Attaché
May 23, 2012Saudi Arabia grants $105 million to Yemen for two development projects
May 23, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Egyptian Foreign Minister
May 23, 2012King Abdullah sends cable of solidarity to Lebanese President
May 22, 2012Majlis Al-Shura members meet Johns Hopkins University students
May 21, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (5/21/12)
May 21, 2012Saudi and U.S. Customs hold joint training course
May 20, 2012King Abdullah receives Jordanian and Yemeni Ministers
May 19, 2012WAMY implements programs for orphans in Kyrgyzstan, Kurdistan, Cameroon
May 18, 2012Saudi Committee for the Relief of the Afghan People supports Education Ministry
May 18, 2012“From Washington to Riyadh” exhibition opens at National Museum
May 18, 2012Royal orders make three new appointments
May 17, 2012Saudi Arabia takes part in G-20 Ministers of Labor meeting in Mexico
May 16, 2012Prince Sultan bin Salman visits Smithsonian Museums
May 16, 2012Saudi Arabia signs two agreements to construct houses in Pakistan
May 16, 2012Prince Sultan bin Salman arrives in Mexico to attend G-20 Meeting
May 15, 2012Foreign Minister, GCC Secretary General hold joint press conference
May 15, 2012Saudi Arabia ranks first worldwide in issuing title deed transferences
May 14, 2012GCC leaders hold summit in Riyadh
May 13, 2012Kingdom commits $300 million to OPEC Environmental Fund
May 12, 2012IIROSA provides additional aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan
May 11, 2012King Abdullah receives President of Niger
May 11, 2012Royal order relieves Sheikh Abdulmohsen Al-Obaikan of his post
May 10, 2012Saudi Arabia and Egypt sign MoU for aid package to Egypt
May 10, 2012Prince Torki bin Mohammed bin Saud Al-Kabeer leads delegation to Non-Aligned Movement meeting
May 10, 2012Fourth Saudi Solar Energy Forum held in Riyadh
May 9, 2012Prince Sattam receives President of Discovery Channel
May 9, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Indonesian Foreign Minister
May 8, 2012Royal order appoints Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Sudais
May 7, 2012Saudi Embassy Participates in Passport DC
May 7, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (5/7/12)
May 7, 2012King Abdullah receives GCC Secretary General
May 6, 2012Saudi missions in Egypt reopen
May 6, 2012SRCA President receives U.S. Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan
May 6, 2012Sacrificial meat shipment arrives in Comoros Island
May 5, 2012U.N. Secretary-General thanks Saudi Arabia for U.N. Counterterrorism Center
May 5, 2012Saudi Ambassador to Djibouti hands over 90 tons of dates to WFP Office
May 4, 2012Saudi Embassy and Consulates in Egypt to reopen next Sunday
May 3, 2012Embassy to participate in Passport DC 2012 event
May 2, 2012Crown Prince chairs 13th GCC Interior Ministers Consultative Meeting
May 1, 2012Saudi Arabia donates one million dollars to Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies
May 1, 2012Saudi Arabia’s Archaeological Masterpieces Exhibition to move to U.S.
April 30, 2012King Abdullah receives Senator Joseph Lieberman
April 30, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (4/30/12)
April 30, 2012King inaugurates Phase I of University Cities Project, lays stone for Phase II
April 29, 2012Prince Saud: GCC Union will give Gulf states more weight
April 29, 2012Sacrificial meat sent to Tanzania
April 28, 2012Kingdom recalls ambassador from Egypt, closes embassy and consulates due to security concerns
April 28, 2012King Abdullah receives telephone call from Egyptian leader
April 27, 2012King Abdullah receives Qatari Heir Apparent
April 27, 2012Saudi food aid distributed to displaced Yemenis
April 26, 2012Two Saudi citizens kidnapped in Lebanon are safe
April 26, 2012King Abdullah receives telephone call from King of Spain
April 26, 2012Arab League Foreign Ministers meet in Cairo
April 25, 2012Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs receives U.S. Peace Envoy
April 25, 2012King Abdullah receives UNESCO Gold Medal
April 24, 2012Arab Ministers bid Zoellick farewell as World Bank head
April 23, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (4/23/12)
April 23, 2012King Abdullah receives Polish Prime Minister
April 22, 2012Campaign for the Relief of Palestinian People in Gaza provides medical supplies
April 21, 2012Taibah University signs cooperation agreements with 3 U.S. institutions
April 20, 2012King Abdullah receives Saad Al-Hariri
April 19, 2012Arab Environmental Ministers hold extraordinary meeting
April 18, 2012Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for abduction of Saudi Deputy Consul in Yemen
April 18, 2012U.S. delegation visits Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry
April 17, 2012Kingdom participates in launch of campaign to eradicate polio in Sudan
April 16, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (4/16/12)
April 13, 2012Prince Salman Concludes Official Visit to the U.S
April 13, 2012King Abdullah holds talks with Turkish Prime Minister
April 12, 2012Minister of Defense visits Military Attaché Office in Washington
April 12, 2012Minister of Defense receives Director of U.S. Missile Defense Agency
April 12, 2012Prince Salman meets with Secretary of State Clinton
April 12, 2012Prince Salman attends dinner in his honor hosted by Ambassador Al-Jubeir
April 12, 2012Saudi school in Pakistan holds charity bazaar in support of orphans
April 12, 2012Saudi Arabia’s non-oil exports surge in Feb. 2012, report says
April 11, 2012Prince Salman Meets with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta
April 11, 2012Prince Salman meets with President Obama
April 11, 2012Kingdom condemns terrorist explosion in Bahrain
April 10, 2012IIROSA sends food aid to Somali orphans
April 10, 2012Prince Salman arrives in the US for official visit
April 9, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (4/9/12)
April 9, 2012KSU, U.S. Bascom Palmer Eye Institute sign joint cooperation accord
April 8, 2012Minister of Foreign Affairs receives his Kazakh counterpart
April 6, 2012U.S. delegation visits Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry
April 4, 2012IIROSA sends aid to Mauritania
April 3, 2012Chief of General staff receives Commander of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command
April 3, 2012British Prime Minister receives Saudi Minister of Defense
April 2, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (4/2/12)
April 2, 2012Algerian President receives Saudi Crown Prince
April 1, 2012Saudi Foreign Minister Addresses Friends of Syrian People Meeting
April 1, 2012First Ministerial Meeting of GCC-U.S. Strategic Cooperation Forum concludes
April 1, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal, Secretary Clinton hold joint press conference
March 30, 2012King Abdullah meets with Secretary Clinton in Riyadh
March 30, 2012Prince Saud, Clinton hold talks in Riyadh
March 30, 2012Royal order appoints Dr. Mohammed Al-Eissa Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council
March 29, 201223rd Arab Summit convenes in Baghdad
March 28, 2012Qatari Emir receives Prince Saud Al-Faisal
March 28, 2012Saudi Vice Consul in Aden abducted
March 28, 2012Arab Foreign Ministers agree on draft resolution on Syria
March 27, 2012Saudi representative addresses Nuclear Security Summit
March 27, 2012Arab Ministers of Finance meet in Baghdad
March 26, 2012Saudi-U.S.Nautical Union Exercise-12 concludes
March 26, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (3/26/12)
March 26, 2012King Abdullah receives President of Yemen
March 25, 2012SRCA President meets with Jordanian, Turkish, Lebanese counterparts
March 23, 2012King Abdullah receives Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brunei
March 22, 2012First batch of Saudi aid arrives in Yemen
March 22, 2012Saudi Arabia sends heaters to Tunisia
March 22, 2012GCC-sponsored international meeting on Yemen begins in Riyadh
March 21, 2012Kingdom’s GDP reaches 4.64% in the first year of the Ninth Development Plan
March 21, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh
March 20, 2012Royal decree appoints Dr. Adnan Al-Mazrou’ Rector of Taibah University
March 20, 2012Minister of Foreign Affairs meets with Canadian Foreign Minister
March 19, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (3/19/12)
March 19, 2012GCC countries accomplish Millennium Development Goals
March 18, 2012IIROSA prepares program to assist Syrian refugees in Lebanon
March 17, 2012Royal order appoints Dr. Saleh bin Humaid Advisor at Royal Court
March 16, 2012OIC Secretary General holds talks with Secretary Clinton in Washington
March 15, 2012IIRC provides urgent assistance to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
March 15, 2012Council of Arab Interior Ministers’ session concludes
March 14, 2012Crown Prince Nayef receives Saudi Ambassador in Ohio
March 14, 2012Saudi Arabia closes its embassy in Damascus
March 13, 2012Turkish President receives head of Saudi Red Crescent Authority
March 12, 2012Minister of Justice receives World Bank delegation
March 12, 2012King Abdullah receives Jordanian King
March 12, 2012Prince Saud receives Afghan Foreign Minister
March 12, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (3/12/12)
March 11, 2012Chief of General Staff receives U.S. delegation
March 11, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal, German counterpart speak to reporters
March 10, 2012Foreign Minister warns against “trivializing” the blood of Syrian civilians
March 10, 2012Prince Salman receives delegation from Harvard University
March 9, 2012King Abdullah receives Sudanese President
March 9, 2012Crown Prince Nayef arrives in Cleveland for scheduled medical tests
March 9, 2012Saudi aid arrives in Tunisia
March 9, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal meets with UN and Arab League joint envoy to Syria
March 8, 2012Saudi Embassy delivers 200 tons of dates to Pakistan
March 7, 2012Kingdom rejects Russian charges on Syria
March 7, 2012Saudi Chief of General Staff Receives Commander of U.S. Marine Forces Central Command
March 6, 2012Saudi diplomat killed in Bangladesh
March 6, 2012Saudi, Cuban officials discuss possible expansion of SFD’s work to Cuba
March 5, 2012King Abdullah and Emir of Qatar hold meeting
March 5, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting (3/5/12)
March 4, 2012Trial of 55 terror suspects begins in Riyadh
March 4, 2012Twelfth Jeddah Economic Forum begins
March 4, 2012Tabuk Border Guard rescues missing Polish sailor
March 4, 2012Ministry of Defense says minister did not give interview to Kuwaiti daily
March 4, 2012GCC Foreign Ministers meet in Riyadh
March 3, 2012Fifth Saudi aid shipment departs Riyadh for Tunisia
March 3, 2012New president named for Al-Jouf University
March 3, 2012New Secretary General of Military Service Council appointed
March 3, 2012Saudi Arabia urges Security Council to exercise legal role in Syrian crisis
March 2, 2012Crown Prince Nayef arrives in Morocco
March 1, 2012Fourth Saudi plane delivers aid to Tunisia
March 1, 2012IIROSA provides relief assistance to Syrian refugees
February 29, 2012Second and third Saudi relief planes arrive in Tunisia
February 28, 2012Rector of Jazan University receives University of Utah delegation
February 28, 2012Kingdom gives Sierra Leone 20 tons of medical supplies
February 27, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (2/27/12)
February 27, 2012First batch of Saudi humanitarian aid arrives in Tunisia
February 27, 2012Saudi Hajj meat arrives in Sudan
February 26, 2012Parliamentary leaders from around the world gather in Riyadh
February 25, 2012King Abdullah congratulates new Yemeni president
February 24, 2012Deputy Defense Minister visits Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada
February 24, 2012Foreign Minister addresses International Conference for Friends of the Syrian People
February 23, 2012International Conference on Somalia opens in London
February 23, 2012Saudi Ambassador to Senegal delivers 100 tons of dates
February 22, 2012King Abdullah tells Russian President dialogue on Syria is now pointless
February 22, 2012Saudi Wildlife Authority participates in U.S. summit
February 20, 2012Chief of General Staff receives U.S. National Defense University delegation
February 20, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (2/20/12)
February 20, 2012Saudi Arabia donates $10 million to UNRWA
February 18, 2012Saudi Ambassador to U.S. welcomes Saudi disaster management delegation
February 17, 2012Tunisian Prime Minister performs Umrah
February 17, 2012Saudi Arabia warns its citizens against travelling to Syria
February 15, 2012Minister of Economy and Planning receives U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy
February 14, 2012King Abdullah receives Indian Defense Minister
February 13, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (2/13/12)
February 13, 2012U.S. delegation visits PMU
February 13, 2012Arab Foreign Ministers recommend $100 million monthly safety net for Palestinians
February 12, 2012Foreign Minister calls for sanctions on Syria, support for opposition
February 10, 2012King Abdullah condemns failure of Security Council resolution
February 9, 2012King patronizes opening of Janadriyah Festival for Heritage and Culture
February 8, 2012King Abdullah receives U.S. CENTCOM Commander
February 7, 2012GCC countries recall their ambassadors from Syria, expel Syrian envoys
February 7, 2012Pilgrims arrive in Jeddah as Umrah season begins
February 7, 2012Minister of Hajj meets with U.S. Consul General
February 6, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (2/6/12)
February 6, 2012KACST President inaugurates International Workshop On Energy Efficiency
February 5, 2012Minister of Petroleum receives IEF Secretary General
February 4, 2012Al-Janadriyah musical operetta cancelled in solidarity with Syrian people
February 3, 2012King Abdullah receives head of IMF
February 3, 2012Prince Nawaf offers condolences after deadly soccer riot in Egypt
February 2, 2012Yanbu Royal Commission’s CEO receives U.S. Counselor for Economic Affairs
February 1, 2012Saudi Archaeological Masterpieces Exhibition scheduled to debut in U.S.
January 30, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (1/30/12)
January 30, 2012Al-Naimi: Saudi Arabia will be a reliable supplier of oil for decades
January 29, 2012GCC-Turkish Ministerial Meeting on Strategic Dialogue issues joint communiqué
January 28, 2012Arab League halts observer mission in Syria
January 27, 2012Saudi Arabia recorded $144.23 billion trade surplus in 2010
January 26, 2012Saudi Arabia’s Hajj Terminal ranked "Best in the World"
January 25, 2012Saudi Arabia’s U.N. Ambassador calls for action on Syria
January 24, 2012Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts for Saudi Academicians
January 24, 2012Royal Saudi Air Force takes part in U.S. Red Flag Exercises
January 24, 2012GCC states to withdraw monitors from Syria
January 23, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (1/23/12)
January 22, 2012Arab Foreign Ministers hold meeting on Syria
January 22, 2012Prince Saud announces withdrawal of Kingdom’s Arab League monitors from Syria
January 20, 2012Minister of Justice: Terror-related crime in Saudi Arabia is on the decline
January 18, 2012Justice Minister meets with U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice
January 17, 2012Winners of King Faisal International Prize for 2012 announced
January 16, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (1/16/12)
January 15, 2012King Abdullah receives Chinese Premier
January 15, 2012Assailants shoot at patrol in Qatif
January 14, 2012French, Saudi aircraft collide during joint exercise, pilots eject safely
January 14, 2012Amendment of Two Articles of Saudi Arabian Nationality Regulations approved
January 13, 2012Dr. Abdullatif Al-Asheikh appointed head of CPVPV
January 13, 2012King Abdullah receives British Prime Minister
January 13, 2012Saudi Arabia donates medical supplies to Pakistan
January 12, 2012World Food Program hails Saudi Arabia’s support
January 12, 2012Distribution of meat in West African nations begins
January 11, 2012Prince Saud holds talks with President Obama, Secretary Clinton
January 11, 2012Minister of Defense receives U.S. Representative Eric Cantor
January 10, 2012IIROSA provides health care to 350,000 patients around the world
January 10, 2012King Abdullah receives Yemeni Prime Minister
January 10, 2012Prince Saud meets with President Obama at the White House
January 9, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (1/9/12)
January 9, 2012Deputy Foreign Minister meets with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State
January 8, 2012Minister of Defense receives Sen. John Kerry
January 8, 2012Yemeni Minister of Health thanks Kingdom for polio immunization assistance
January 8, 2012Arab League decides to continue Syrian observation mission
January 7, 2012Minister of Culture and Information undergoes successful open-heart surgery
January 6, 2012King Abdullah sends message to Bahraini King
January 5, 2012GCC Health Ministers meet in Oman
January 5, 2012Saudi Minister of Commerce and Industry meets Indian Prime Minister
January 4, 2012U.S. State Department official meets with Prince Saud and Dr. Khoja
January 3, 2012Interior Ministry releases second statement on suspects in Eastern Province violence
January 2, 2012Arrest warrants issued for 23 people linked to troubles in Eastern Province
January 1, 2012Saudi Arabia, Libya agree to resume bilateral relations