2009 News Releases

December 31, 2009Kingdom continues assistance to Darfur
December 30, 2009Sudanese President arrives in Riyadh
December 29, 2009King Abdullah receives Palestinian president
December 29, 2009OIC Secretary General receives U.S. Ambassador, Consul General
December 29, 2009King Abdullah speaks to “Al-Siyasah” newspaper
December 28, 2009Minister of Health inspects new Riyadh medical facilities
December 26, 2009King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital partners with Johns Hopkins
December 26, 2009IIRO to carry out 500 surgeries in Nigeria
December 26, 2009Dr. Al-Shehri appointed Governor of ECGRA
December 24, 2009Thousands of Saudi artifacts returned to Kingdom
December 23, 2009Major military operations over on southern border
December 23, 2009Princess Hissah launches chair for women’s health at KSU
December 23, 2009King receives Yemeni Foreign Minister
December 23, 2009Ministry of Health, Microsoft Corp. sign memorandum of partnership
December 23, 2009Prince Nayef warns against misinterpreting Qur’an and Sunnah
December 22, 200925 percent of 2010 budget goes to education
December 22, 20095,000 new foreign scholarships in 2010
December 22, 2009Egyptian President arrives in Riyadh
December 21, 2009King Abdullah issued three royal decrees on the FY 2010 budget
December 21, 2009Cabinet approves FY 2010 budget
December 21, 2009Saudi Arabia to finance manuscript conservation project in Uzbekistan
December 20, 2009National dialogue to focus on cultural issues next week
December 19, 2009Health Ministry launches second phase of national H1N1 vaccination campaign
December 19, 2009Prince Nayef receives UNRWA Distinguished Donor Award
December 19, 2009Kingdom, UNRWA sign agreements to provide support for Palestinians
December 18, 2009Minister of Petroleum speaks at climate change conference
December 18, 2009Kingdom launches Holy Qur'an and Sunnah satellite channels
December 17, 2009Jordan’s King receives Minister of Education
December 17, 2009WHO report: Malaria almost eliminated in the Kingdom
December 17, 2009International Contact Group on Somalia’s meeting held in Jeddah
December 17, 2009Royal order issued on appointments
December 17, 2009Saudi Arabia contributes one million riyals to UNHCR
December 17, 2009Royal order appoints Interior Ministry undersecretary
December 16, 2009GCC monetary union accord goes into effect
December 16, 2009Al-Jeraish appointed Undersecretary of Madinah Governorate
December 16, 2009Transport Minister meets U.S. Ambassador
December 16, 2009Prince Nayef wins UNWRA’s Distinguished Donor Prize
December 16, 2009Bahraini, Qatari officials visit Crown Prince Sultan
December 16, 2009KACST partners with NASA Lunar Science Institute
December 15, 2009GCC leaders conclude 30th summit
December 15, 2009King Abdullah departs Kuwait, arrives in Riyadh
December 15, 2009Inter-Connection Grid Project launched
December 15, 2009Ambassador hosts Amish representatives
December 14, 2009King Abdullah leads delegation to 30th GCC summit
December 14, 2009Crown Prince Sultan chairs Cabinet meeting
December 13, 2009Symposium on family violence to be held in Tabuk
December 13, 2009King orders construction of Arab Olympic and soccer federation headquarters
December 13, 2009Prince Saud arrives in Kuwait for GCC summit
December 13, 2009King Hamad in Riyadh to congratulate Crown Prince Sultan
December 13, 2009Hajj Minister meets with U.S. Ambassador
December 12, 2009King Abdullah, Prime Minister Al-Hariri hold meeting
December 12, 2009Crown Prince Sultan visits wounded soldiers
December 12, 2009Crown Prince Sultan meeting with Prime Minister Al-Hariri
December 11, 2009Crown Prince Sultan returns to the Kingdom
December 11, 2009Saudi U.N. official awarded human rights prize
December 11, 2009Lebanese Prime Minister arrives in Riyadh
December 11, 2009King Abdullah issues royal pardons to mark return of Crown Prince Sultan
December 10, 2009Saudi Arabia donates $1.47 million to expand Islamic Center in France
December 9, 2009Royal Court: Crown Prince to return home Friday
December 9, 2009Border guard confiscates 40 tons of hashish
December 9, 2009Children of deceased soldiers and flood victims admitted to educational institutes
December 9, 2009Al-Naimi stresses importance of chemical industry
December 9, 2009Saudi, U.S. companies sign partnership for manufacturing thermal furnaces
December 8, 2009Prince Saud Al-Faisal meets with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
December 8, 2009158 arrested in drug smuggling operation
December 8, 2009Number of deaths in Jeddah floods reaches 117
December 7, 2009GCC Parliament and Shoura Council heads conclude meeting
December 6, 2009More than 141,000 pilgrims reach Madinah
December 5, 200983rd Meeting of OAPEC Council of Ministers concluded
December 5, 2009Crown Prince Sultan supports Yemeni charity association
December 4, 2009Ministry warns against collecting donations for flood-damaged mosques
December 4, 2009Thousands of pilgrims pass through Halat Ammar
December 4, 2009King arrives in Roudat Khuraim
December 4, 2009Minister Al-Naimi arrives in Cairo
December 4, 2009King Abdullah awarded Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (AFLI) prize
December 3, 2009KACST provides $169 million for research projects
December 3, 2009115,000 pilgrims have arrived in Madinah
December 3, 2009Prince Mishaal bin Abdulaziz arrives in Riyadh
December 3, 2009Second Saudi relief plane arrives in Vietnam
December 3, 2009Kingdom reaffirms its recognition of Kosovo’s independence
December 3, 2009Kingdom donates $500 million to support Arab small and medium-sized enterprises
December 2, 2009King inspects armed forces guarding southern border
December 2, 2009King orders 10,000 residential units for displaced in Jazan
December 2, 2009First Saudi relief plane arrives in Vietnam
December 1, 2009Madinah receives thousands of pilgrims
December 1, 2009Saudi Arabia rejects protectionism at WTO conference
November 30, 2009Prince Nayef says steps will be taken to prevent unauthorized pilgrims
November 30, 2009Crown Prince Sultan hosts dinner in Morocco
November 30, 2009King Abdullah orders formation of fact-finding committee on Jeddah flood deaths
November 29, 2009Hajj 1430 declared a success
November 29, 2009Term of Saudi Authority for Standards and Quality director extended
November 29, 2009Hajj declared free of epidemics and contagious diseases
November 29, 20092,521,000 million pilgrims participated in Hajj 1430
November 28, 2009King Abdullah Hosts Annual End of Hajj Reception
November 27, 2009Ambassador hosts Eid Al-Adha prayer
November 27, 2009Pilgrims Perform Ritual Stoning at Jamarat
November 27, 2009Service of Special Secretary of the Crown Prince Extended
November 27, 2009Saudi Arabia Re-elected To IMO Council
November 26, 2009Nine Saudi soldiers reported missing
November 26, 2009Torrential rains kill 48
November 26, 2009King Abdullah Orders Aid for Victims of Flooding
November 26, 2009Grand Mufti Calls on Muslims to Reject Extremism
November 25, 2009Mauritanian Prime Minister, Saudi Ambassador Inaugurate Water Project
November 25, 2009King to Inaugurate Medical Center in Makkah and Mina
November 25, 2009Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero Departs Jeddah
November 25, 2009Pilgrims Arrived in Mina
November 25, 2009Defense Ministry Denies Reports of Troop Movement Towards Yemen
November 24, 2009King receives phone call from Yemeni President
November 24, 2009Grand Mufti warns of politicizing the Hajj
November 24, 2009King Abdullah receives Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero
November 23, 2009More than 1.6 million Hajj visas issued
November 23, 2009Spanish Prime Minister expected in Saudi Arabia Tuesday
November 22, 2009Italian Prime Minister Leaves Jeddah
November 22, 2009Prince Nayef warns against disrupting the Hajj
November 21, 2009Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi arrives in Jeddah
November 21, 2009King Abdullah and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi hold bilateral talks
November 21, 2009Four pilgrims die of H1N1 Virus
November 21, 2009Prime Minister Berlusconi, Finance Minister Al-Assaf meet
November 21, 2009827,695 Pilgrims Arrive in Madinah
November 20, 2009King Abdullah arrives in Jeddah
November 20, 2009Pilgrims perform Friday prayers at Prophet’s Mosque, Grand Mosque
November 20, 2009Arab Justice Ministers Council hold meeting
November 19, 2009KAU climate change research center inaugurated
November 19, 2009Prince Turki Al-Faisal delivers lecture at GWU
November 18, 2009Al-Islam Group to distribute sacrificial meat to needy countries
November 18, 2009King Abdullah and French President Sarkozy hold talks
November 18, 2009Hundreds of medical personnel to monitor arriving pilgrims
November 18, 2009Medical City project launched in Abha
November 18, 2009Embassy hosts discussion on variations of spoken Arabic
November 18, 2009Prince Khalid bin Sultan meets with U.S. Defense Secretary Gates
November 18, 2009767,770 pilgrims arrive in Madinah
November 18, 2009King Abdullah to host 2,000 Palestinian pilgrims
November 18, 2009New Kiswah presented
November 17, 2009French President Sarkozy arrives in Riyadh
November 17, 2009Day of Standing at Arafat November 26
November 16, 2009King chairs Cabinet meeting
November 16, 2009Royal decree re-forms Supreme Economic Council
November 16, 2009IDB, FAO sign $1 billion deal to aid poor nations
November 15, 2009King Abdullah meets with CIA Director Panetta
November 15, 2009King Abdullah received Russia's Mikhail Dmitriyev
November 15, 2009Prince Khalid bin Sultan arrives in Washington for Strategic Joint Planning Committee meeting
November 14, 2009Kingdom to finance regional medical center in Kenya
November 14, 2009956,697 Pilgrims Arrived in Saudi Arabia
November 13, 2009Saudi Arabia calls for equal protection of civilians during conflicts
November 12, 2009Arab Foreign Ministers express support for Saudi Arabia
November 12, 2009King Abdullah receives telephone call from President Saleh
November 11, 2009Makkah governor, Jeddah mayor meet U.S. mayoral delegation
November 10, 2009Saudi Foreign Aid 2006-2008
November 10, 2009American Pilot Gives Rare View of Saudi-U.S. Relationship
November 10, 2009477,667 Pilgrims Arrive in Madinah
November 10, 2009Saudi Fund For Development loans $380 Million to Pakistan
November 10, 2009Kingdom to sign MoU with UN for humanitarian aid for Pakistani refugees
November 9, 2009Cabinet reaffirms Kingdom’s right to defend sovereignty and deter aggression
November 9, 2009Dr. Khoja meets with U.S. mayoral delegation
November 9, 2009580,000 pilgrims arrive at Jeddah Hajj Terminal
November 8, 2009416,659 Pilgrims Arrive in Madinah
November 8, 2009Prince Sattam, Prince Mansour receive U.S. mayoral delegation
November 8, 2009Private Saudi investments in US total $400 billion
November 8, 2009Hundreds convicted of human trafficking in Makkah
November 7, 2009H1N1 vaccination program to begin Saturday
November 7, 2009Saudi forces retake Jabal Dokhan from infiltrators
November 7, 2009Saudi officials meet with US mayors
November 7, 2009King Abdullah approves Higher Education Council’s plans to set up research centers at universities
November 7, 2009H1N1 vaccination campaign launched
November 6, 2009Saudi Armed Forces step up border protection
November 6, 2009Contract signed with Raytheon for civil navigational radars
November 4, 2009King Abdullah congratulates UAE, Afghan presidents
November 4, 2009Jeddah’s Hajj terminals expanded, upgraded
November 4, 2009Border guard killed by armed infiltrators
November 3, 2009245,879 pilgrims have arrived in Madinah
November 3, 2009King performs funeral prayers for Princess Haya bint Abdulaziz
November 2, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
November 2, 2009Prince Mansour bin Mit’eb bin Abdulaziz appointed Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs
November 2, 2009Two Saudi relief planes carry aid to the Philippines
November 2, 2009Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal meets with U.S. Secretary of State Clinton in Marrakech
November 2, 2009Arms cache seized
November 2, 2009Foreign Minister receives U.S. state legislators
November 1, 2009King approves Program of Human Rights Culture Promotion
October 29, 2009Crown Prince Sultan hosts Palestinian president
October 28, 2009GCC Interior Ministers hold 28th meeting
October 27, 2009Qatari Emir visits Kingdom
October 27, 2009Second Saudi relief plane arrives in Burkina Faso
October 26, 2009Royal order issued
October 26, 2009Saudi disaster aid arrives in Burkina Faso
October 26, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting
October 23, 2009Kingdom Continues Emergency Airlift to Niger
October 23, 2009Crown Prince sponsors 205 disabled Yemeni pilgrims
October 22, 2009First Pakistani, Malaysian pilgrims arrive in Madinah
October 22, 2009Saudi Ambassador Hosts Future Business Leader
October 21, 2009Second Breast Cancer Conference begins
October 21, 2009King Abdullah speaks by phone with President Hamid Karzai
October 20, 2009Embassy welcomes Saudi participants in International Visitor Program
October 20, 2009King Abdullah receives former U.S. President Jimmy Carter
October 20, 2009Saudi relief plane arrives in Niger
October 19, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting
October 17, 2009Congressmen Ellison: U.S.-Saudi ties strengthened by business
October 15, 2009Prince Nayef leads delegation to Iraqi Neighbors’ Meeting
October 15, 2009Saudi Ambassador Speaks on Saudi-U.S. Relations at NCUSAR Conference
October 14, 2009Security forces kill 2 terrorists, arrest a third
October 12, 2009Egyptian President receives Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz
October 12, 2009Another Saudi relief plane arrives in Indonesia
October 11, 2009National Awareness Campaign to Combat Breast Cancer inaugurated
October 11, 2009King receives phone call from Jordanian monarch
October 9, 2009Ambassador meets with head of Saudi delegation participating in U.S. Interfaith Dialogue Seminar
October 9, 2009King Abdullah Congratulates President Obama on Nobel Peace Prize
October 8, 2009King Abdullah returns home from Syria
October 8, 2009Seventy more tons of aid arrive in Indonesia
October 7, 2009King Abdullah arrives in Damascus
October 7, 2009King Abdullah, President Al-Assad hold talks
October 7, 2009King Abdulaziz University, Harvard sign a pact for medical cooperation
October 7, 2009Second Saudi relief plane arrives in Indonesia
October 7, 2009Minister of Information opens first Arab Publishers Conference
October 7, 2009Prince Muhammad bin Nayef Concludes U.S. Visit
October 7, 2009Princess Hessah to launch Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
October 6, 2009Saudi airlift aid arrives in Indonesia
October 6, 2009Minister of Finance leads Saudi delegation to IMF, WB meeting
October 5, 2009Saudi Red Crescent delivers thirty ambulances to Darfur
October 5, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting
October 5, 2009Crown Prince Sultan receives Moroccan monarch
October 5, 2009Saudi relief plane leaves for Indonesia
October 5, 2009King Abdullah to pay state visit to Syria
October 2, 2009Interfaith conference held in Geneva
October 1, 2009Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts National Day reception
September 30, 2009New GAO Report Commends Saudi Arabia’s Efforts to Fight Terrorism and Terror Financing
September 29, 2009King Abdullah receives telephone call from President Obama
September 29, 2009Funeral held for Prince Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz
September 27, 2009Prince Saud meets with Secretary of State Clinton, Arab foreign ministers
September 26, 2009Dow Chemical funds $100 million KAUST research center
September 26, 2009Saudi Arabia calls for an end to Israeli obstruction in U.N. statement
September 25, 2009Foreign, Finance Ministers attend G-20 summit in Pittsburgh
September 23, 2009Saudi Arabia Celebrates 79th National Day
September 23, 2009Saudi Delegation Arrives in Pittsburgh Ahead of G-20 Summit
September 17, 2009Saudi Campaign delivers aid to Palestinians in Lebanon
September 16, 2009King orders medical evacuation of injured Iraqis to Kingdom for treatment
September 16, 2009Qatari Prime Minister arrives in Jeddah
September 16, 2009Saudi Arabia calls for Palestine’s accession to UNESCO
September 16, 2009Saudi medical evacuation plane arrives from Iraq
September 14, 2009Crown Prince donates $2.41 million for dialysis center in Burkina Faso
September 14, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting in Makkah
September 13, 2009Ambassador responds to Congressional letter to King Abdullah on the Middle East peace process
September 12, 2009Prince Saud undergoes successful surgery in the U.S.
September 12, 2009King Abdullah receives former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
September 12, 2009Kingdom to host international symposium on disaster management
September 12, 2009Dr. Hamad bin Suleiman Al-Bazie' appointed Deputy Minister of Finance
September 11, 2009Over 3 million Umrah pilgrims have arrived in the Kingdom for this Umrah season
September 11, 2009Saudi Ambassador to the US host Iftar for US and Saudi officials
September 10, 2009Arab League foreign ministers meet in Cairo
September 10, 2009King Abdullah arrives in Makkah
September 9, 2009Saudi Arabia ranks 13th in IFC’s “Doing Business” report
September 7, 2009King Abdullah holds talks with Palestinian President Abbas
September 7, 2009King receives Bahrain’s Crown Prince
September 7, 2009King receives top U.S. counterterrorism official
September 7, 2009Prince Nayef thanks departing U.S. Charge d’Affaires
September 7, 2009Services of Chief of General Intelligence, Governor of Madinah extended
September 7, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
September 6, 2009King Abdullah meets with Emir of Qatar, Omani Foreign Minister
September 3, 2009Prince Bandar bin Sultan and Saad Al-Sudairi’s terms extended
September 3, 2009Ministry of Interior issues statement on suicide attack
September 3, 2009GCC Foreign Ministerial Council concludes meeting
September 2, 2009Ambassador Al-Jubeir attends White House Iftar party
September 2, 2009White House condemns terrorist attack, praises Saudi security cooperation
September 1, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session in Jeddah
August 30, 2009Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Hamidi appointed as SAMA Deputy Governor
August 29, 2009Crown Prince Sultan arrives in Agadir on a private visit
August 29, 2009Second shipment of dates gifted by Crown Prince Sultan arrives in Pakistan
August 28, 2009Prince Muhammad bin Nayef slightly injured in terrorist attack
August 27, 2009Crown Prince gifts 12 tons of dates to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
August 26, 2009Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts Iftar dinner
August 26, 2009King Abdullah holds talks with visiting Jordanian King
August 24, 2009IIRO Implements “Breaking-Fast Project” in 31 countries
August 24, 2009Islamic Affairs Minister chairs first meeting of Higher Committee for Hajj
August 24, 2009Creation of four new Saudi universities approved
August 24, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet’s weekly meeting
August 23, 2009Royal orders extend terms of officials
August 21, 2009King Abdullah encourages contemplation, compassion during Ramadan
August 21, 2009King receives calls from several Muslim leaders on the occasion of Ramadan
August 20, 2009Security forces arrest 44 terrorists
August 20, 2009High Court announces Ramadan will begin Saturday
August 20, 2009Saudi Arabia provides 30 ambulances for Darfur hospitals
August 20, 2009Crown Prince Sultan helps provide 250,000 books for Yemeni institutions
August 19, 2009IMF report commends Saudi fiscal policies
August 17, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting
August 17, 2009Ramadan relief convoy arrives in Gaza
August 17, 2009Ministry of Health releases report on swine flu
August 16, 2009Minister of Health meets with experts from WHO and U.S. CDC
August 13, 2009King receives phone call from Yemeni President
August 12, 2009Road accident victims to be transferred to home for medical treatment
August 12, 2009Organization of the Islamic Conference Condemns Terrorist Acts in Mosul and Baghdad
August 11, 2009Ambassador meets with Holbrooke, new US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
August 10, 2009Cabinet condemns Israeli actions in Jerusalem, calls on Palestinians to unite
August 5, 2009King Abdullah inaugurates a mosque and a school in Morocco
August 4, 2009Royal orders extend officials’ terms
August 3, 2009Prince Nayef chairs Cabinet meeting in Jeddah
July 31, 2009Saudi Foreign Minister holds bilateral talks with U.S. Secretary of State
July 31, 2009Clinton, Saudi Foreign Minister tout strong cooperation
July 30, 2009U.S. official praises Saudi national dialogue initiative
July 29, 2009U.S., OIC forge partnership to eradicate polio
July 28, 2009Embassy hosts luncheon for Saudi GLOBE students and teachers
July 28, 2009Crown Prince Sultan receives Qatari Emir in Agadir
July 27, 2009Prince Nayef chairs Cabinet meeting
July 24, 2009ISFD approves more than $45 million in loans for development projects
July 24, 2009King Abdullah meets with Moroccan Prime Minister in Casablanca
July 24, 2009Saudi U.N. envoy: Fairer and stronger international court needed
July 24, 2009Holy Mosque improvements near completion
July 23, 2009Kingdom enacts swine flu preventative measures for Hajj season
July 23, 2009Ka’abah washed by Governor of Makkah
July 23, 2009King Abdullah visits Crown Prince Sultan in Morocco
July 22, 2009King Abdullah performs prayers at Grand Mosque
July 22, 2009King Abdullah receives CENTCOM head David Petraeus
July 21, 2009Saudi Arabia provides over $18 million for humanitarian projects in Darfur
July 20, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting in Taif
July 19, 2009Saudi Arabia selected as headquarters of CANSO regional office
July 19, 2009King Abdullah arrives in Taif
July 18, 2009Second Saudi relief plane arrives in Dhaka
July 18, 2009King Abdullah sends his condolences to Indonesia’s president
July 17, 2009Saudi athletes medal at IWAS Junior World Championships
July 17, 2009Term extended for Prince Saud of Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu and Minister Madani
July 16, 200993 percent of terror suspects only have high school level education
July 16, 2009First Saudi relief cargo aircraft arrives in Bangladesh
July 16, 2009Saudi continues support for Palestinian budget
July 16, 2009Saudi athlete reaches finals at IWAS Junior World Championships
July 14, 2009Foreign Imams Banned from Working in Mosques in Makkah Province
July 14, 2009Kingdom to participate in Non-Aligned Movement Summit
July 14, 2009King Abdullah holds talks with Bahraini leader, inaugurates projects in Yanbu
July 14, 2009King Abdullah receives U.S. Treasury Secretary
July 13, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting in Madinah
July 13, 2009CDSI reports non-petroleum exports data for 1st quarter of 2009
July 13, 2009Royal Court announces passing of Sheikh Abdullah Jibreen
July 13, 2009Kingdom adopts tough new penalties for human trafficking
July 13, 2009Justice Ministry releases more details on the terror trial verdicts
July 12, 2009Jazan border guards prevents smuggling of 110 kilograms of hashish
July 10, 2009Ministry of Islamic Affairs Considers Mosque Hotline for ‘errors’ in Sermons
July 10, 2009Second Saudi relief plane arrives in Sri Lanka
July 9, 2009SDF to provide $20 million soft-loan for agricultural development in Tunisia
July 8, 20091st Saudi relief plane departs for Sri Lanka
July 8, 2009U.S. officials commend Saudi Detainee Rehabilitation Program
July 8, 2009Sentences handed down in terror-related cases
July 7, 2009Grand mufti calls for acceptance of differing viewpoints
July 7, 2009King Abdullah orders aid to refugees in Sri Lanka
July 7, 2009Saudi aid enters Gaza
July 7, 2009Organization of the Islamic Conference expresses deep concern over deadly unrests in Xinjiang
July 7, 2009Saudi Arabia to sign nuclear cooperation agreement with France
July 6, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting
July 6, 2009Saudi Arabia Denies Reports Regarding Israeli Use Of Its Airspace
July 5, 2009Saudi embassy organizes student exhibition, graduation ceremony
July 2, 2009Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts Saudi exchange students
July 1, 2009Saudi Customs Department wins international award
July 1, 2009Saudi Arabia gives Yemen $1.2 million to fight malaria
July 1, 2009King Abdullah, Egyptian President, Bahraini King hold summit
June 30, 2009Royal orders make appointment, extend terms of officials
June 30, 2009King Abdullah meets with President Mubarak in Egypt
June 30, 2009Saudi-U.S. trade grew 14% last year
June 29, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting
June 29, 2009Saudi World Bank representative calls for global financial reform
June 29, 2009GCC naval commanders meet to discuss piracy
June 28, 2009Islamic Saudi Academy holds twentieth graduation ceremony
June 28, 2009King Abdullah holds talks with Egypt’s President Mubarak
June 28, 2009Egyptian brain tumor patient will receive free treatment in the Kingdom
June 28, 2009Saudi Arabia donates $5 million to help Iraqi refugees
June 25, 2009SFD finances $311 million in projects in developing nations
June 22, 2009Saudi citizen surrenders to security authorities: spokesman
June 22, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting
June 21, 2009King Abdullah welcomes Palestinian President
June 21, 2009$3 million delivered by Saudi Campaign for East Asian tsunami victims
June 21, 2009Prince Miteb appointed Deputy Commander of National Guard
June 21, 2009King Abdullah, President Obama to meet at White House June 29
June 20, 2009Minister of Health successfully separates Moroccan conjoined twins
June 19, 2009Fourth anniversary of King Abdullah’s ascension to the throne celebrated
June 18, 2009KAUST, Dow Chemical sign industrial cooperation agreement
June 17, 2009Arab Information Ministers meet in Cairo
June 17, 2009Ambassador Al-Jubeir addresses students at the Foreign Service Institute
June 17, 2009Saudi Arabia reiterates call for Middle East nuclear weapons-free zone
June 16, 2009SAMA reduces Reverse Repo Rate
June 15, 2009Saudi Aid to Palestine
June 15, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting in Jeddah
June 15, 2009Saudi Arabia tops list of registered real estate properties
June 13, 2009Three more Saudi detainees released from Guantanamo
June 13, 2009Saudi Arabia denies media reports it has allowed Israel to use its airspace
June 10, 2009Saudi Arabia will fund OIC environmental meetings
June 9, 2009Customs to enforce ban on import of cars older than five years
June 8, 2009GCC Foreign Ministers sign monetary union agreement
June 8, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
June 8, 2009Information Ministry names spokesman
June 8, 2009Saudi Food and Drug Authority has imposed ban on several UK poultry products
June 6, 2009Fifth and sixth Saudi relief planes arrive in Pakistan
June 5, 2009Saudi aid delivered to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
June 5, 2009Saudi Ambassador to Indonesia opens orphanages, housing compounds
June 5, 2009Third Saudi relief plane arrives in Pakistan
June 4, 2009President Obama departs Saudi Arabia
June 4, 2009Saudi relief plane delivers aid to Pakistani refugees
June 3, 2009U.S. President Obama arrives in Saudi Arabia
June 3, 2009King Abdullah, President Obama hold talks
June 1, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
June 1, 2009Lost Children’s Center opened near Holy Mosque in Makkah
May 30, 2009King Abdullah approves Higher Council of Education decisions
May 30, 2009Prince Nayef rejects Iraqi accusations Kingdom is taking “negative positions”
May 29, 2009Prince Faisal bin Abdullah named deputy chairman of Mawhiba
May 29, 2009$267 million to upgrade math and science education
May 27, 2009D.C. students put on performance at Embassy
May 27, 2009King Abdullah gives interview to Al-Seyassah newspaper
May 26, 2009President Obama to visit Saudi Arabia June 3 and 4
May 26, 2009Officials briefed on Khurais Oil Field Program
May 26, 2009Ambassador Al-Jubeir welcomes new Palestinian representative in Washington
May 25, 2009Saudi Arabia participates in Rome conference on energy and climate change
May 25, 2009Human Rights Commission Chairman receives U.S. Congressional aides
May 25, 2009King Abdullah chairs weekly Cabinet session
May 25, 2009Ministry of Health issues Hajj and Umrah requirements
May 24, 2009King Abdullah receives Swiss President
May 21, 2009King Abdullah receives U.S. pilot Joseph Grant
May 20, 2009Lebanese president receives new Saudi ambassador
May 20, 2009Prince Nayef denounces deviant ideologies
May 20, 2009Saudi Charitable Campaign provides $6 million for tsunami victims
May 19, 2009First International Media Conference concluded
May 17, 2009King Abdullah receives Brazilian President Lula da Silva
May 17, 2009King Abdullah receives U.S. Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan
May 17, 2009Sixteen truckloads of Saudi aid arrive in Gaza
May 17, 2009Kingdom joins IMF’s General System for economic reporting
May 17, 2009U.S. mayoral delegation praises construction projects
May 16, 2009Second conference on domestic violence to be held in Riyadh today
May 16, 2009Light rail approved to help ease growing traffic congestion in Makkah
May 16, 2009Seminar tackles rise of multiple sclerosis in Saudi Arabia
May 16, 2009Saudi student wins prize at Reno science fair
May 16, 2009Earthquakes hit Harat Al-Shaqa
May 14, 2009King appoints Secretary General for Supreme Economic Council
May 14, 2009Lebanese Prime Minister lays foundation stone for Saudi-funded highway project
May 13, 2009GCC Interior Ministers hold 10th Consultative Meeting
May 13, 2009Saudi Arabia re-elected to U.N. Human Rights Council
May 13, 2009Ambassador Al-Jubeir meets with Saudi Aramco Training Programs members
May 13, 2009International Understanding Council welcomes King Abdullah’s initiatives
May 11, 2009Makkah Governor convenes International Understanding conference
May 11, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
May 11, 2009Ambassador Al-Jubeir meets with Saudi Forum Campaign members
May 11, 2009Royal order extends the service of Dr. Al-Harthi
May 10, 2009Foreign Minister receives delegation of U.S. mayors
May 9, 2009GCC conference on swine influenza begins
May 9, 2009Kingdom donates $3 million to benefit Boy Scouts’ Gifts for Peace program
May 8, 2009$25 million Saudi donation will provide housing for 500 Palestinian families
May 7, 2009Prince Saud Al-Faisal attends Arab League foreign ministers’ meeting
May 6, 2009Saudi-U.S. Trade & Culture Festival opens in Taif
May 6, 2009Saudi Arabia donates $25 million to rebuild Nahr Al-Bared refugee camp
May 6, 2009Saudi official hosts meeting of Energy City Mayors in Houston
May 5, 2009Arab Health Ministers meet in Riyadh
May 5, 2009U.S. Secretary of Defense arrives in Riyadh
May 5, 2009Ambassador hosts Saudi religious teachers
May 5, 2009GCC leaders gather in Riyadh for consultations
May 5, 2009King Abdullah donates $1 million to Special Olympics
May 4, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
May 3, 2009Embassy participates in Passport DC cultural event
May 1, 2009Saudi Military Attaché’s Office holds reception for Saudi doctors
April 30, 2009Official denies meeting between King Abdullah and Israeli president
April 29, 2009Saudi and Jordanian monarchs meet in Dhahran
April 29, 2009Kingdom launches diplomatic relations with Liechtenstein
April 29, 2009Crown Prince Sultan departs from U.S.
April 29, 2009King Abdullah receives U.S. envoy
April 29, 2009Jordanian King concludes trip to Saudi Arabia
April 28, 2009Ambassador Al-Jubeir meets with Phoenix Mayor Gordon
April 28, 2009Saudi Arabia gifts Mauritania with 200 tons of dates
April 28, 2009King launches development projects in Jubail
April 27, 2009Saudi Arabia free of swine influenza
April 27, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
April 26, 2009Advanced Technologies Forum begins in Riyadh
April 26, 2009King Abdullah visits Eastern Province
April 24, 2009Prince Turki visits Cornell University
April 23, 2009King gifts Pakistan with 150 tons of dates
April 22, 2009Prince Turki discusses peace process at NYU
April 21, 2009Kingdom has received no information on reported Al-Qaeda arrest in Basra
April 20, 2009Kingdom participating in AOAD meeting
April 20, 2009Kingdom to observe “Earth Day”
April 20, 2009King Abdullah chairs cabinet session
April 20, 2009Kingdom recognizes Kosovo independence
April 19, 2009Kingdom presents UNRWA with $1.2 million
April 19, 2009King Abdullah meets with former Pakistani President Musharraf
April 19, 2009King Abdullah holds meeting with U.S. Middle East Special Envoy
April 18, 2009King Abdullah chairs first KAUST Council of Trustees meeting
April 15, 2009King Abdullah and Tanzanian president hold talks
April 15, 2009Saudi Arabia ratifies Arab Charter on Human Rights
April 15, 2009Finance Minister calls for greater Arab economic cooperation
April 14, 2009Rihab Massoud appointed NSC Deputy Assistant Secretary General
April 13, 2009King Abdullah chairs weekly Cabinet session
April 12, 2009Palestinian President Abbas arrives in Riyadh
April 11, 2009King Abdullah receives Bahraini Prime Minister
April 11, 2009Prince Saud Al-Faisal consults with Arab foreign ministers
April 8, 2009Crown Prince Sultan receives visit from Bill Clinton
April 8, 2009Foreign Minister comments on G-20 accomplishments
April 8, 2009Prince Saud Al-Faisal condemns new Israeli government’s stances
April 7, 2009Saudi ministers meet with U.S. congressman
April 7, 2009Eleven militants arrested by Saudi security forces
April 6, 2009IDB finances power station project in Morocco
April 6, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting
April 5, 2009Saudi relief fund supports construction of eight Palestinian women’s centers
April 5, 2009Saudi Cultural Attaché inaugurates Saudi students meeting
April 5, 2009SDF signs agreement to finance Yemeni development projects
April 5, 2009Royal order extends service of Interior Ministry Undersecretary
April 4, 2009King Abdullah says Saudi policies will help world economy
April 3, 2009Minister of Finance stresses the strength of the Saudi economy
April 2, 2009King Abdullah meets with U.S. President Obama
April 2, 2009Minister of Commerce and Industry addresses Arab economic forum
April 2, 2009Saudi Arabia provides $600,000 to Palestinian relief agency
April 1, 2009King Abdullah arrives in London for G-20 summit
April 1, 2009Prince of Wales receives Prince Saud Al-Faisal
April 1, 2009King Fahd Industrial Port receives award
April 1, 2009Crown Prince Sultan leaves hospital
March 31, 2009King Abdullah travels to London for G-20 summit
March 30, 2009New Second Deputy Prime Minister chairs Cabinet session
March 30, 200921st Arab Summit begins
March 30, 2009Doha Declaration issued
March 29, 2009King Abdullah arrives in Doha for Arab summit
March 27, 2009Prince Nayef appointed to be Second Deputy Premier
March 26, 2009Prince Mashaal appointed Governor of Najran
March 24, 2009King inaugurates 5th session of Shura Council
March 24, 2009King Abdullah receives former U.S. President Bill Clinton
March 24, 2009SAGIA Governor encourages U.S. investment in the Kingdom
March 23, 2009Arab Interior Ministers issue final communiqué
March 23, 2009Interior Minister welcomes Arab reconciliation process
March 23, 2009U.N. World Food Program thanks Saudi Arabia
March 23, 2009Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques chairs Cabinet session
March 23, 2009Saudi campaign signs agreements with U.N. to implement relief programs in Gaza
March 20, 2009Saudi Red Crescent assists Palestinian counterpart
March 20, 2009Saudi Red Crescent provides 30,000 gallons of potable water to Gaza
March 19, 2009Crown Prince receives messages from U.S. Vice President, Secretary of State
March 18, 2009Petroleum Minister delivers speech at 4th OPEC International Seminar
March 16, 2009Petroleum Minister predicts future of clean, abundant fossil fuels
March 16, 2009King Abdullah briefs Cabinet
March 15, 2009Foreign Minister praises reconciliation summit
March 15, 2009King Abdullah receives message from President Obama
March 15, 2009OPEC announces no new production cuts
March 15, 2009New stage of Gaza relief effort initiated
March 15, 2009Saudi Arabian Airlines reduces fuel consumption by 159,800 tons
March 14, 2009Saudi fund finances construction of four schools in Morocco
March 14, 2009Crown Prince Sultan in good health, says Interior Minister
March 14, 2009Finance Minister attends G-20 meeting
March 13, 2009U.S. President calls King Abdullah
March 12, 2009Arab leaders call for reconciliation
March 12, 2009Saudi Arabia denounces terrorism at U.N. Human Rights Council session
March 11, 2009Leaders of Syria, Egypt and Kuwait arrive in Riyadh
March 11, 2009King Abdullah holds summit with Syrian, Egyptian and Kuwaiti leaders
March 10, 2009IIRO sends 220 tons of food and medical supplies to Gaza
March 9, 2009King Abdullah presides over Cabinet session
March 9, 2009Saudi Aramco awards Karan gas contract to U.S. company
March 8, 2009Symposium on information technology opened
March 8, 2009Jordanian King receives Saudi Ambassador
March 7, 2009Secretary General of Judiciary Supreme Council appointed
March 7, 2009Saudi human rights official meets with U.N. Commissioner
March 4, 2009Syrian President receives Foreign Minister
March 4, 2009Express Train project contract signed
March 4, 2009King Abdullah attends National Festival for Heritage and Culture
March 4, 2009U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council Holds Luncheon for Saudi Delegation
March 4, 2009Ambassador holds reception for Saudi delegation
March 3, 2009Saudi Health Minister attends conference in Tehran
March 3, 2009Arab Foreign Ministers issue final resolutions
March 3, 2009Prince Saud Al-Faisal chairs Arab Peace Council
March 3, 2009Arab foreign ministers meet
March 2, 2009Foreign Minister Saud Al Faisal meets with U.S. Secretary of State Clinton
March 2, 2009Palestinian reconstruction conference opens in Egypt
March 2, 2009Foreign Minister addresses Gaza aid conference
March 2, 2009Head of Saudi Human Rights Commission addresses U.N. Council
March 1, 2009GCC Ministers announce $1.646 billion in aid for Gaza
March 1, 2009Egyptian conjoined twins successfully separated in Saudi Arabia
March 1, 2009GCC Foreign Ministers hold meeting in Riyadh
March 1, 2009Saudi Arabia to participate in UN Human Rights Council session
March 1, 2009Saudi banks post 17.3% rise in profits
March 1, 2009King Abdullah swears in chairman, members of Shura Council
February 28, 2009General Organization of Grain Silos and Flour Mills director named
February 28, 2009Saudi leadership sends cables of condolences to Turkish President
February 28, 2009Saudi Aramco signs development deals with UK, South Korean companies
February 28, 2009Saudi Ambassador to Singapore presents credentials
February 27, 2009King Abdullah congratulates President Mubarak on reconciliation meeting
February 26, 2009Saudi relief organization coordinates Palestinian aid project
February 26, 2009Ambassador Al-Jubeir holds reception for U.S. Department of State employees
February 25, 2009New Shura Council member appointed
February 25, 2009Royal Orders extending of terms of office of government officials
February 24, 2009Ambassador hosts Saudi Boy Scout leaders
February 24, 2009King Abdullah meets with Syrian Foreign Minister
February 23, 2009King Abdullah telephones President Mubarak
February 23, 2009Al-Saqr appointed Advisor in Cabinet’s General Secretariat
February 23, 2009SAMA launches website
February 23, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
February 22, 2009GCC Foreign Ministers, Finance Ministers hold joint meeting
February 20, 2009King of Jordan leaves Riyadh
February 20, 2009Crown Prince Sultan arrives in New York
February 19, 2009Saudi monarch receives King of Jordan
February 18, 2009Kingdom condemns "irresponsible" Iranian statements on Bahrain
February 17, 2009SAMA Governor says Saudi economy is safe from global turmoil
February 17, 2009Wanted extremist surrenders to Saudi authorities
February 16, 2009Crown Prince Sultan meets with UAE officials
February 16, 2009King Abdullah congratulates new ministers at Cabinet session
February 16, 2009First International Conference on Biotechnology opens in Riyadh
February 15, 2009Human rights department to be established at Justice ministry
February 15, 2009Prince Turki promotes non-proliferation at ICNND meeting
February 15, 2009King Abdullah sends message to Syrian president
February 14, 2009Judiciary reconstituted
February 14, 2009New virtue commission head appointed
February 14, 2009New cabinet appointments for education, health, justice and information
February 14, 2009King Abdullah meets with members of Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs
February 14, 2009King Abdullah appoints first female minister
February 14, 2009U.S. delegation meets with top Saudi officials
February 14, 2009King Abdullah appoints new director of Umm Al-Qura University
February 14, 2009Shura Council members appointed
February 14, 2009Council of Senior Ulema reconstituted
February 14, 2009King Abdullah makes major government appointment
February 13, 2009Conjoined Egyptian twins arrive in Riyadh for surgical separation
February 11, 2009King Abdullah receives message from President Obama
February 11, 2009Minister of Petroleum Al-Naimi addresses Houston Energy Conference
February 11, 2009King Abdullah holds talks with Chinese President
February 10, 2009Director of Saudi relief campaign in Pakistan highlights achievements
February 10, 2009King Abdullah receives Chinese President Hu
February 9, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
February 8, 2009432 tons of water to be shipped to Gaza
February 8, 2009King lays foundation stones for KSU projects
February 7, 2009Saudi Human Rights official praises the Kingdom’s progress
February 4, 2009Saudi Aramco wins award for clean fuel technology
February 4, 2009Turkish President addresses Shoura Council
February 4, 2009New head of human rights commission named
February 3, 2009King Abdullah meets with visiting Turkish President Gul
February 3, 2009Interior Ministry issues list of extremists wanted for extradition
February 2, 2009Egyptian President receives Saudi Foreign Minister
February 2, 2009King Abdullah’s Palestinian relief campaign collects more than $60 million
February 2, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
February 1, 2009King Abdullah receives U.S. Middle East envoy
January 30, 2009World Food Program names King Abdullah "Champion in the Battle Against Hunger"
January 28, 2009King Abdulaziz Medal Awarded to Joseph Grant
January 27, 2009Winners of the 2009 King Faisal International Prizes announced
January 27, 2009Foreign minister welcomes U.S. president’s statements
January 27, 2009Prince Sultan bin Fahd receives U.S. Olympians
January 26, 2009Annual report shows increase in Saudi port activity
January 26, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
January 26, 2009Officials say Saudi economy is resilient in the face of global financial turmoil
January 26, 2009Saudi campaign to fund $6.5 million worth of UN relief projects for Gaza
January 25, 2009Saudi official says extremist rehabilitation program is a success
January 23, 2009King Abdullah receives telephone call from President Obama
January 23, 2009King Abdullah receives call from Secretary of State Clinton
January 23, 2009Relief items arrive in Al-Arish
January 21, 2009Over $58 million donated to Gaza fund
January 20, 2009King Abdullah meets with World Bank president
January 20, 2009Arab Summit issues Kuwait Declaration
January 19, 2009King Abdullah announces donation of $1 billion for Gaza reconstruction
January 19, 2009Kingdom donates $1 billion to rebuild Gaza
January 17, 2009Saudi officials warn against "extremist" fatwas
January 16, 2009Foreign Minister demands Israeli compliance with UN resolution
January 16, 2009Prince Saud Al-Faisal says GCC will fund Palestinian reconstruction
January 15, 2009GCC leaders arrive in Riyadh for extraordinary summit
January 14, 2009Minister of Petroleum stresses importance of stable oil prices
January 14, 2009IIRO contributes $2.39 million for Gaza relief
January 13, 2009Eighth Saudi Medevac plane arrives in Riyadh
January 13, 2009More than $50 million donated for Gaza
January 13, 2009Egyptian President visits the Kingdom
January 12, 2009Saudi aid convoy is launched
January 12, 2009The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques chairs Cabinet session
January 9, 2009Sixth Saudi Medevac plane transports injured Palestinians
January 9, 2009Twelfth Saudi relief plane reaches Al-Arish
January 9, 2009World Food Program hails Saudi campaign’s $4 million donation
January 8, 2009Eleventh Saudi relief aircraft arrives in Al Arish
January 8, 2009Prince Saud urges Israel to accept Arab Peace Initiative
January 8, 2009Fifth Saudi Medevac plane transports Palestinians to Riyadh
January 8, 2009$45.7 million donated to King Abdullah’s campaign for Gaza relief
January 7, 2009Tenth Saudi relief plane arrives in Al Arish
January 7, 2009Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Relief Campaign begins distributing aid
January 7, 2009Crown Prince receives New York Mayor
January 6, 2009Foreign Minister addresses special UN Security Council session on Gaza
January 6, 2009Ninth Saudi relief plane arrives in Al Arish
January 6, 2009King Abdullah receives U.S. ambassador
January 6, 2009Prince Saud Al-Faisal calls for a shift in US Mideast policy
January 6, 2009Third Saudi Medevac plane transports Palestinians to Riyadh
January 5, 2009Saudi fund raises more than $32 million for humanitarian aid to help Gaza
January 5, 2009King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
January 5, 2009Saudi aid campaign begins distribution of relief to Palestinians
January 5, 2009733,448 pilgrims arrive in Madinah
January 5, 2009Eighth Saudi aid shipment sent to Palestinians
January 4, 2009$32 million raised in the Kingdom for Palestinian relief
January 4, 2009Service of Jazan Governor extended
January 4, 2009$2.9 million in food, shelter and medical aid provided for Palestinians
January 4, 2009$25 million in aid approved for Gaza aid
January 4, 2009King Abdullah discusses Gaza crisis with Turkish Prime Minister
January 3, 2009Five Palestinians taken to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment
January 2, 2009King Abdullah visits injured Palestinians