2007 Public Statement

Kingdom’s statement in response to President Bush’s Middle East initiative
Statement released by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on July 17, 2007 in response to a new Middle East initiative proposed by President George W. Bush on July 16. 2007

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes the initiative of the US President George W. Bush which he announced in his speech yesterday (Monday), noting the significant positive points it contained, including the end of the occupation, the creation of an independent, contiguous and viable Palestinian state, and addressing the Jerusalem issue and a negotiated solution of the refugees problem, all of which correspond with the Arab Peace Initiative that has been reaffirmed collectively by Arab states in the Riyadh Arab Summit, and which clearly indicates that normal relations between Israel and all Arab states would logically result from Israeli withdrawal from the Arab territories occupied in 1967.

In regard to the international peace conference to be held the coming fall, Saudi Arabia expresses its hope that the conference will take place in the context of a diligent international effort that addresses the core issues of the conflict, ensures fair balance of commitments and responsibilities, and achieves the dismantlement of settlements rather than only freezing future settlement, particularly after the proved failure of partial solutions that focused on security and propaganda measures at the cost of final status issues.

Real progress absolutely depends on a unified Palestinian and Arab approach based on Arab summit resolutions and joint Arab action.