2007 Public Statement

Saudi statement denouncing comments by Syria’s vice president
Saudi Arabia’s statement in response to recent remarks by Syrian Vice President Faruq Al-Shara criticizing the Kingdom’s role in the Middle East:

With great surprise, the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has closely taken notice of the repugnant remarks recently made by Mr. Faruq Al-Shara, Syria’s Vice-President, implying a number of lies and contradictions which aimed at defaming the Kingdom.

Distancing itself from falling to the same level of Mr. Al-Shara, which shows flagrant disgrace of the traditions and norms governing the relations among Arab brotherly countries, the Saudi Government would like to explain to the Arab and Islamic public the following facts:

First: The Kingdom was and still is very keen on keeping its relations with the Syrian brotherly people as well as the Syrian government; and if those relations were to suffer any harm now, it is something that is out of the control of the Kingdom and those who will be held responsible are those who caused it. And Al-Shara in his capacity as one of those responsible, knows them very well.

Second: Talk on the so-called paralysis of the Kingdom’s Arab and Islamic role will never come from a wise and moderate person since such a role is well known to all people throughout the Arab and Islamic worlds as well as the world at large. However, by speaking about paralysis, Al-Shara might have meant the policy which he is representing and on the behalf of which he is speaking.

Third: The Kingdom has never and will never reject any meeting that aims at unifying ranks and strengthening Arab solidarity. The Kingdom’s positions have never presented a problem; the real problems are the positions which denounced the unity of Arab ranks and worked for spreading chaos and disturbances in the region. Those are the positions the masterminds of which could not dare to admit as they think they could deceive the Arab and Islamic Ummah while their deeds reflect bluntly their ill will.
Fourth: The claim Al-Shara made that Makkah Agreement was engineered and agreed upon in Damascus reflects an unforgivable humiliation to the Palestinian leadership who the entire Arab and Islamic worlds witnessed how the Kingdom took the initiative to invite and meet in Makkah with the aim of stemming the bloodshed in the beloved Palestine at a time when we did not hear even a word from Mr. Al-Shara expressing his sorrow over what was going on in Palestine. Moreover, the whole world followed the details of talks in Makkah and how they yielded an honorable agreement under the blessings of holy Ka’abah. Thus, the Kingdom would not like to add more to this issue as the Palestinian brothers are able to explain their position and acquit themselves of the accusation of being agents to any country as Mr. Al-Shara’s claim implies.

Fifth: The fraternity between the Syrian and Saudi brotherly peoples is a real one which has stood steadfast in the face of different calamities and crises. We can cite the Saudi forces stationed for years in the Golan taking part in the honor of the defense of Syria as well as the brave contribution of the Syrian forces to the liberation of Kuwait. This fraternity on which every Syrian citizen or Saudi citizen is keen to keep alive will remain – with God’s grace – and will be strengthened despite such abominable voices which will definitely vanish along with those who make them.