2007 Public Statement

The Makkah Agreement between Fatah and Hamas

Based on the generous initiative of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz the King of Saudi Arabia, and under his patronage, the movements of Fatah and Hamas conducted national Palestinian agreement dialogues in Makkah between 6 and 8 February 2007, which successfully reached agreement on the following:

First, affirming the sanctity of Palestinian blood and taking all measures and steps to protect it, with emphasis on the importance of national unity as a basis for national steadfastness and confronting occupation, and for the achievement of the national legitimate objectives of the Palestinian people, and establishing dialogue as the only means for solving political differences among Palestinians.  In this context we gratefully thank our brothers in Egypt and their security delegation to Gaza for their efforts aimed at calming the situation in Gaza lately.

Second, reaching a detailed final agreement on the establishment of a Palestinian national unity government, and proceeding quickly to take the required constitutional procedures for its formation.

Third, proceeding ahead in the development and reform of the Palestine Liberation Organization and speeding up the work of the preparatory committee based on the Cairo and Damascus understandings.  In this regard the two parties have reached agreement on detailed steps.

Fourth, reaffirming the principle of political partnership based on the current regulations of the Palestinian Authority and on the principle of political pluralism in accordance with agreement by the two parties.

As we announce this agreement to the Palestinian masses, to the Arab and Islamic Nation, and to all our friends throughout the World, we affirm our commitment to this agreement in word and spirit, for the sake of achieving our national objectives, getting rid of occupation, retaining our rights, and confronting the main issues facing us, especially the cause of Jerusalem, the cause of the prisoners and detainees, and confronting the wall and settlements.


(Will be issued after the required constitutional procedures):

Prime Minister Isma’eel Hanniyya

As Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Movement and President of the National Palestinian Authority, and based on the Basic Law and our authority therein:

First, we entrust you with the formation of the new Palestinian Government within the time frame established in the Basic law.

Second, upon reviewing the formed government it shall be referred to the Legislative Council to earn its vote of confidence.

Third, I call upon you as president of the coming government to uphold the supreme interests of the Palestinian people, protect their rights, retain and develop their achievements, and work for achieving their national objectives as they were affirmed by the decisions of the national councils and the articles of the Basic Law and the National Unity document and the resolutions of Arab Summits, and on this basis call upon you to respect the decisions of international legitimacy and the agreements signed by the PLO.

Mahmoud Abbas
Chairman of the PLO Executive Committee
President of the National Palestinian Authority