2007 Speech

Address before the meeting of the UN's International Compact for Iraq
Address by Dr. Nizar Obaid Madani, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, to the meeting of the United Nation's International Compact for Iraq, New York, March 16, 2007

In the name of God, most compassionate, most merciful

H.E. the Secretary General of the United Nations,
H.E. Vice President of Iraq,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are grateful to you for conveying this important meeting, which, we hope, will be instrumental in furthering international efforts to achieve stability and security in Iraq.


The Government of Saudi Arabia is eager to support all efforts aimed at persevering the unity of Iraq, both as a state and as a people, maintaining its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as safeguarding it from all forms of external intervention and promoting national reconciliation.

Accordingly, Saudi Arabia has participated actively in all regional and international conferences on Iraq, the last of which was the International Conference held in Baghdad last week which we trust will be a catalyst to solving all problems facing Iraq, through the various committees that were formed by the conference.

In order to achieve the objectives of the International compact with Iraq, the overall situation in that country must be addressed in a comprehensive and balanced manner, involving three dimensions.

These dimensions are: first, the security dimension, which necessitates the elimination of all sources of violence and armed militias without distinction or discrimination.  Secondly, the political dimension, which requires the achievement of national unity among all factions of the Iraqi people, on the basis of equal rights and obligations for all.  And, thirdly, the sovereignty dimension, which calls for the preservation of Iraq’s independence, unity, and territorial integrity.

May I stress here the fact that any regional or international endeavor to stabilize the situation in Iraq depends first and foremost on the response of the Iraqis themselves since it is their responsibility to implement it on the ground.

Saudi Arabia has manifested its solidarity with Iraq by providing material and economic assistance to help Iraq overcome the crisis it is going through.  At the Madrid Conference, Saudi Arabia announced that it would be providing a total of one billion U.S. dollars as follows:

500 million dollars by the Saudi Development Fund to finance development projects in the fields of education, health, infrastructure and housing, in accordance with the requests of the Iraqi Government.

500 million dollars to finance and guarantee the export of Saudi goods to Iraq, through the export program of the Saudi Development Fund.  In addition to this, Saudi Arabia has also provided humanitarian and relief assistance to Iraq amounting to a total value of around 90 million dollars.

Being aware of the burden of debts on the economy of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, has expressed its willingness to look into alleviating that dept burden and has provided the Iraqi side with all the information available in this respect, and is now starting the discussion of this matter with our brothers in Iraq in order to reach an appropriate arrangement to it.

In this context, I also wish to draw attention to the fact that the Saudi private sector, with its considerable technical and financial resources, is willing to participate in the reconstruction efforts either separately through the implementation of individual reconstruction projects or in association with the private sectors in other countries.

Mr. Chairman,

May I emphasize how important it is, at this juncture, to offer support to our Iraqi brothers to overcome the suffering they are going through, by giving support to Iraq, and by helping rebuild its economy and achieve stability and security for all its citizens.

This responsibility of the international community is of paramount importance and must have the priority of all nations, and the participating of regional and international organizations.

We in Saudi Arabia, look forward to see a united Iraq, living in harmony, and enjoying security, stability and peace with its neighbors, and achieving unity and co-existence between all factions of its people, in order to overcome the lack of security prevailing at the moment.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate our gratitude to all those responsible for organizing this conference.  I also wish to thank all the delegations participating in this meeting, and hope that its outcome will further the reconstruction of Iraq and the aspirations of its people.

Thank you for your kind attention.