2007 News Story

King Abdullah meets with Saudi Human Rights Commission board

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz met with the chairman of the board of the Saudi Human Rights Commission, Turki Al-Sudairi, and other board members in Riyadh today.

During the meeting, King Abdullah highlighted the critical importance of the Commission. He advised board members to be accurate and thorough when investigating claims of abuses.

King Abdullah also commented on the decision-making process that led him to invite Palestinian leaders to Makkah for a national reconciliation conference, which resulted in the Makkah Agreement for a Palestinian national unity government.

The King said that he decided to issue the invitation after watching serious efforts by Egypt and Jordan to bring the Palestinian factions together fail. The King said that he had only two requests of the Palestinian leaders: to stop the infighting and form a national unity government.