2007 News Story

Rare captive-bred gazelles successfully released into Saudi reserve

Seventeen captive-bred Idmi mountain gazelles have been successfully released into the wild in Saudi Arabia, the Zoological Society of London announced yesterday.

The gazelles were released in two groups, with each group consisting of both adult and young males and mixed-age females. They were all radio-collared prior to release, which will allow scientists to track them as they settle into their new home.

It is the first successful release in more than ten years for the species, which is classified as vulnerable to extinction. The idmi population has declined due to habitat loss and degradation.

The Zoological Society of London manages the King Khalid Center on behalf of the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development Secretary-General Prince Bandar bin Saud Al-Saud. The center is currently breeding more than 180 mountain gazelles.