2007 News Story

Pilgrims stone the devil at Jamarat

Hajj pilgrims performed the stoning of the devil ritual in Mina today, the first of the three days of Tashreeq (the days of Eid Al-Adha). More than 2.3 million pilgrims are in Saudi Arabia to perform the annual Hajj rituals this year.

The pilgrims’ progress across the Jamarat Bridge in Mina has been smooth so far thanks to the extensive preparations of Saudi authorities. This year, the bridge was expanded to accommodate 360,000 pilgrims per hour, and a special brigade of the Civil Defense Force has been deployed to the area to perform crowd control.

The pilgrims’ health situation is also good. A record low number of pilgrims have required hospitalization this year, Minister of Health Dr. Hamad Al-Manie’ said today.