2007 News Story

Final Statement from the 19th Summit of the League of Arab States

At the conclusion of the 19th Summit of the League of Arab States, Arab leaders issues a statement  calling for enhanced efforts to preserve Arab identity and promote unity among Arab countries.

The final communiqué calls for the cultivation of a “culture or moderation, tolerance, dialogue and openness; to reject all forms of terrorism and extremism, as well as exclusionary racist trends, hatred campaigns and endeavors to question our humanistic values or defame our religious beliefs and holy places; and to warn against employing sectaries plurality for political purposes that aim at dividing our nation and its countries and peoples and at igniting destructive seditions and civil strife”. Throughout the Summit, discussions emphasized the importance of human development, especially in the areas of education, cultural and scientific studies.

The Declaration reiterated the principles stated in The Arab Peace Initiative, which calls for “…a just and comprehensive peace, as a strategic option for the Arab nation, based on the principles and resolutions of international legitimacy and the land for peace initiative.”

In addition to promoting peace within the region, the Declaration calls for a Middle East free of all weapons of mass destruction.

Final communiqué