2007 News Story

Kingdom’s non-petroleum exports for August up from last year

Saudi Arabia’s non-petroleum exports totaled $2.3 billion [SR 8.638 billion] in 2007, up from $2.02 billion [SR 7.481 billion] in 2006.

According to a report by the Department of General Statistics and Information, the most significant commodities exported in August 2007 included petrochemicals [$723.6 million], plastics [$527.2 million], ordinary metals and their products [$233.9 million], and reexported commodities [$338.6 million]. Remaining exports totaled $510.2 million.

The top export countries in August 2007 were the UAE, Qatar and China.

Major imports in the same month included electrical appliances [$2.45 billion], ordinary metals and their products [$1.23 billion], transportation equipment [$1.06 billion], and foodstuffs [$726.6 million]. Remaining imports totaled $2.07 billion.

The top Saudi import source countries in August 2007 were the United States [$884.2 million], China [$882.6 million], and Germany [$726.4 million].