2007 News Story

Interior Minister speaks out on wanted militants

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz has praised Saudi security forces for their efforts to eradicate terrorism in the Kingdom and prevent terrorist attacks before they happen.

The Interior Minister made the remarks in interviews published April 7 by two Saudi newspapers, Okaz and Al-Riyadh.

Prince Nayef noted that successes such as the April 6 killing of wanted terrorist Walid Al-Radadi in Madinah are the result of a practical security policy. A suspect in the Feb. 26 killing of four French citizens in southwestern Saudi Arabia, Al-Radadi had been wanted by authorities prior to that attack.

The fact that Al-Radadi eluded capture as long as he did indicates that people were harboring him, Prince Nayef said. He warned against harboring wanted militants and urged their families to persuade them to surrender to authorities.

Prince Nayef called on Islamic scholars and journalists to reveal the dangers posed by militants as part of an effort to stop terrorist ideology.

He said that trials have been held for some of the militants and that they are receiving the punishment they deserve. The minister also suggested that special courts be created to try the militants.

Regarding wanted Saudis who have fled the Kingdom, Prince Nayef urged friendly countries to cooperate with Saudi authorities and extradite them if arrested. International cooperation is crucial to drying up support for terrorists, he said.