2007 News Story

Plan aims to triple the number of Saudi women in the workforce by 2009

The five-year development plan for 2005-2009 intends to provide Saudi women with more business and job opportunities, Minister of Economy and Planning Khalid Al-Gosaibi told the Arab News in a report published today.

As a result of the plan, the percentage of women in the Saudi work force is expected to increase from 5.4 percent to 14.2 percent in 2009, Al-Gosaibi said.

The development plan emphasizes increasing the role of women in the economy by upgrading the capabilities of Saudi women and eliminating obstacles that limit their participation in economic and development activities.

There are currently more female Saudi graduates than male, and they must be given adequate opportunities and incentives, Al-Gosaibi said. Today, Saudi women are primarily employed in the education and health sectors, with the private sector dominated by men.