2007 News Story

Eight arrested in connection with the Feb. 26 murder of French expatriates

Eight Saudi citizens have been arrested for aiding the suspects in the February 26 killings of four French nationals in southwestern Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Interior announced yesterday.

In its statement, the Ministry provided additional details about the attack. Wanted militant Walid Al-Radaddi – the mastermind of the attack – was traveling with a second man, Majed Al-Harbi, when they spotted the French group in the desert. Al-Raddadi left the scene and returned accompanied by Abdullah Al-Mohammadi. After attacking the French group, the three suspects fled the scene, and were shortly joined by another suspect, Nasser Al-Balawi.

Al-Raddadi was subsequently killed in a gunbattle with Saudi security forces April 6.

The eight Saudis arrested are directly related to the suspects. The Ministry had issued previous warnings to the public that anyone who aided or harbored the suspects would be considered accessories to the killings.

The Ministry called on wanted suspects Abdullah Al-Mohammadi, Nasser Al-Balawi and Majed Al-Harbi to surrender to authorities. Those who provide information about the whereabouts of wanted suspects could receive a reward of up to $1.86 million.