2007 News Story

Conference of Iraq’s neighboring countries concludes in Egypt

An expanded conference of Iraq’s neighboring countries concluded in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt today. In a final communiqué, the conference highlighted the importance of dealing with sectarianism in Iraq. It also called for the disbanding of all militias, without exception.

The Saudi delegation to the conference was led by Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al-Faisal. In an address to the conference, Prince Saud reiterated the Kingdom’s concern about the deteriorating situation in Iraq, and warned that sectarian violence and terrorist acts are undermining the country’s security and stability.

Prince Saud warned that a destructive civil war in Iraq that facilitates the escalation of terrorism and sectarian strife would harm the entire region.

He called for appropriate measures to be taken to end the tragedy in Iraq, and that any foreign intervention in Iraqi internal affairs should be avoided. Additionally, Prince Saud called for the convention of the Iraqi National Reconciliation Conference.

The Saudi foreign minister also stressed that the Kingdom views all Iraqis equally, regardless of ethnicity or sectarian differences.

Yesterday, Prince Saud addressed the international conference on Iraqi security, also held in Sharm El-Sheikh. At the conference, participating countries adopted the International Compact with Iraq, a five-year plan to stabilize the country.