2007 News Story

Interior Minister comments on recent GCC ministerial meeting

In remarks to the press yesterday, Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz said that the meeting of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) interior ministers in Riyadh focused on the current security situation in the Arab world and globally. Prince Nayef served as chairman of the meeting, which concluded yesterday.

Terrorism is a major concern for the GCC countries, he said. To that end, they agreed to establish a working team that will review the GCC security strategy within the framework of new developments and circumstances.

On Iraq, Prince Nayef said that the GCC countries advocate helping Iraq preserve its independence and unity, and assume its role as an Arab and Muslim country.

“It is high time for the Arab countries, notably Iraq’s neighboring countries, to shoulder their responsibility in this respect,” he said.

On other issues, Prince Nayef remarked that security issues surrounding Iran’s nuclear program will be reviewed. On trials for terrorists, he said that the Saudi judiciary would set dates for the trials.