2007 News Story

Saudi Arabia and Chad sign security agreement

Minister of the Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz and Chadian Minister of Interior Ahmad Mohammed Basher signed a security agreement aimed at combating terrorism and drug trafficking between Saudi Arabia and Chad.


Prince Nayef stated that Saudi Arabia is proactive in forging cooperation with all countries regarding security matters. "The world is currently facing the menace of terrorism, and unfortunately the Muslims are accused of practicing terrorism despite the fact that Islam has nothing to do with it." Prince Nayef continued, stating that Muslims who are involved in terrorism are actually defaming Islam and all Muslims.

Prince Nayef and Minister Basher also discussed immigration issues.  Prince Nayef said the Kingdom welcomes expatriates who stay in the country legally, but he criticized those who stay behind after performing Hajj or Umrah (minor hajj).  "It is hoped that the Chadian embassy in Riyadh will play an effective role in this respect," he said noting that some Chadians who are residing in the Kingdom have lost their passports.

Minister Basher emphasized that visitors must comply with the rules and regulations of the Kingdom.