2007 News Story

Interior Minister urges imams to confront deviant ideology

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz has urged imams and khatibs to confront deviant ideology as part of the Kingdom’s fight against terrorism, the Arab News reported today.

Prince Nayef made the remarks during a meeting with over 600 prayer leaders and imams in Jeddah yesterday.

“It is your responsibility to confront this problem by applying your knowledge, minds and courage,” Prince Nayef said, as quoted in the Arab News.

He noted that there are at least 14,000 Friday mosques (mosques at which Friday prayers can be performed) in various parts of the Kingdom.

“This means we have 14,000 platforms. If the khatibs use this opportunity to expose the deviants and their ideology, it will have a great positive impact upon society,” the prince said, as quoted in the Arab News. “You can play a big role in confronting these deviants who work against Islam and the Kingdom.”

Prince Nayef also said that Saudi security forces have foiled 90 percent of terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia. “If 30 percent of these attacks had taken place, our country would be in a very bad shape,” he said.