2007 News Story

Saudi Arabia welcomes President Bush’s Middle East initiative

Saudi Arabia today welcomed the Middle East initiative announced by President George W. Bush yesterday. In his speech, President Bush called for the convention of an international peace conference this fall to move towards a two-state solution. The president also pledged US aid for the government of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Kingdom praised the “significant positive points” mentioned by President Bush, including the end of the occupation, the creation of a viable Palestinian state, as well as the issues of Jerusalem and Palestinian refugees.

These points are consistent with the Arab Peace Initiative, which calls for normal relations between the Arab countries and Israel following Israeli withdrawal from Arab territories occupied in 1967, the statement said.

Saudi Arabia also expressed the hope that the international conference to be held this fall would address the core issues of the conflict and not settle for the type of partial solutions that have failed in the past.

The Kingdom stressed the importance of a unified Palestinian and Arab approach if there is to be real progress in moving towards peace.


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