2007 News Story

Saudi Arabia decries “repugnant” remarks by Syria’s vice president

Saudi Arabia has issued a statement denouncing recent remarks by Syrian Vice President Faruq Al-Shara, in which he characterized the Kingdom’s role in the Middle East as paralyzed.  

“With great surprise, the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has closely taken notice of the repugnant remarks recently made by Mr. Faruq Al-Shara, Syria’s Vice-President, implying a number of lies and contradictions which aimed at defaming the Kingdom,” the statement said.

Saudi Arabia rejected the idea that it has not done enough for Arab and Muslim unity, and reaffirmed its support for any meeting that aims to unify ranks and strengthen Arab solidarity.

“Talk on the so-called paralysis of the Kingdom’s Arab and Islamic role will never come from a wise and moderate person since such a role is well known to all people throughout the Arab and Islamic worlds as well as the world at large,” the statement said.

It also rejected Al-Shara’s claim that Syria had engineered the Makkah Agreement between the two Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah. The statement pointed out that the entire world witnessed Saudi Arabia’s invitation to the Palestinian leadership to hold talks in Makkah, the progress of the talks and the resulting power-sharing agreement.

“The Kingdom would not like to add more to this issue as the Palestinian brothers are able to explain their position and acquit themselves of the accusation of being agents to any country as Mr. Al-Shara’s claim implies,” the statement said.

Saudi Arabia stressed that it is interested in maintaining its relations with Syria, and that if those relations were to suffer, it is not the fault of the Kingdom.

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