2007 News Story

Saudi Red Crescent Society sends humanitarian aid to Darfur

The Saudi Red Crescent Society yesterday sent humanitarian aid to Sudan’s Darfur region to help alleviate the suffering there. The aid consisted of 12 ambulances; 168 tons of medical supplies; 69.7 tons of medical equipment for the establishment of 14 health centers and eight clinics; 4,000 school bags; agricultural equipment and supplies for farmers; 4,000 tents; 14,000 carpets; six vehicles; blankets and sewing machines.

The Saudi Red Crescent Society is also implementing a vaccination campaign against polio, establishing a sewing training center for women, digging and rehabilitating 98 wells, and installing a water desalination facility in Darfur.

With many refugees from Darfur staying at camps in Chad, the Society is providing 23 tons of medical supplies and equipment for the hospital in the eastern Chadian town of Abeche. It has also established a health center with four clinics in Chad.