2007 News Story

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain sign travel agreement at GCC ministerial meeting

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have signed an agreement that will allow their citizens to travel between both countries using their personal identification cards. 

Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz and Bahraini Interior Minister Gen. Sheikh Rashid Al-Khalifa signed the accord yesterday during the 26th meeting of Gulf Cooperation Council interior ministers in Riyadh.

In remarks to the press, Prince Nayef said that the agreement has been in the works for a while and expressed the hope that similar agreements would soon be signed with Kuwait and Qatar.

In a joint communiqué, the ministers praised the Saudi-Bahraini agreement and noted that a similar arrangement exists between Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

The communiqué also called for greater security cooperation among GCC member states and affirmed support for international counterterrorism efforts.

On Iraq, the ministers expressed concern for the deteriorating security situation there and called for additional training for the Iraqi military and police force. Regarding Palestine, they stressed the importance of Palestinian unity and a return to the Makkah Agreement.