2006 Public Statement

Saudi official responds to a malicious, hate-filled Tucson Weekly guest commentary about Saudis
a letter to the editor of Tucson Weekly by Nail A. Al-Jubeir, Director of the Saudi Arabian Information Office in Washington DC published July 20, 2006

I found the Tucson Weekly's June 6 Guest Commentary, "Why Do Congressmen Like Jim Kolbe Continue to Support a Sexist, Hate-Filled Hypocritical Regime?" by Seth J. Frantzman, to be malicious and offensive to the people of Saudi Arabia. The editorial is grossly inaccurate, hate-filled and potentially libelous. At a time when our nations are working to build greater cultural understanding among our peoples, such defamatory statements undermine our efforts by spreading myths, misunderstanding and hate.

The Saudi people are working hard to improve their society and should be encouraged in their efforts. In the past two years alone, the kingdom has held elections for its municipal councils, joined the World Trade Organization, continued with internal reforms in areas such as education and conducted an international counterterrorism conference. We also continue to work closely with international partners, such as the United States, to combat the threat of terrorism and those who support it, financially and otherwise.

In fact, cooperation has been a hallmark of the Saudi-U.S. friendship for more than 60 years. As any friend would be, we are always open to constructive and informed criticism. However, I see no benefit to the kind of derogatory and ill-informed commentary displayed by your editorial.