2006 Speech

King Abdullah address to the 4th Session of the Consultative Council
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz address to the opening of the 4th session of the Majlis Al-Shura (Consultative Council) in Riyadh, April 1, 2006.

Brothers and members of the Consultative Council, it is in the name of Allah and with his blessings that we inaugurate today the 4th session, and we pray that he helps us devote our deeds for his sake and to shoulder our responsibilities with success.

Allah has made this country glorious as it upholds his religion so dearly and because it remains steadfast on a course it has been pursuing generation after generation. Verily, this country will continue to be glorious despite the many animosities it faces so long as it continues to raise the banner of monotheism and implement the Islamic Shari’ah [Islamic Law].

Islam dictates that we shall spread justice without differentiating between the strong and the weak, restore rights and respond to people’s needs. People are equal and may only grow in reverence thanks to their deeds and lose merits due to incurring sins.

Islam teaches us that the faithful are brothers. We will exert efforts to strengthen these bonds of brotherhood, hoping that Arabs and Muslims will close ranks and remerge as pioneers of civilization and humanity.

The bonds of language, history and common destiny are binding us with our Arab brothers. For that reason we will continue to be advocates of their just causes and defenders of their legitimate, notably the rights of our Palestinian brothers, and we hope that the Arabs will find through serious determination a way out of discord and into the morrow of accord. In this age there is no room for glory without strength and no strength without unity.

We are part of the international community, and whatever happens there we are influenced by, though we influence it in return. Our position is to maintain friendship and cooperation with all, knowing that the world’s prosperity is indivisible. Accordingly, we will continue our moderate policy regarding oil production and pricing in order to protect the world economy against possible shocks.

Dear Brothers: Islam calls for providing a decent life for its adherents. We seek to achieve that through comprehensive development. We seek the good and happiness of citizens hoping to provide them with housing, work, education, medicine and other services and amenities. We are eager to eradicate poverty and give consideration to areas that did not undergo meaningful development according to well-thought development plans.

We can not remain rigid while the surrounding world is changing thereby we will continue, God willing, in the development process, strengthening national dialogue, liberalizing the economy, fighting corruption, uprooting monotonous habits, increasing the efficiency of government institutions. We will enlist the efforts of all sincere workers, both men and women. All that will be done incrementally and moderately, and in keeping with the desires of society, which are by definition in tandem with Shari’ah.

As you know, Shari’ah can only be attained in an atmosphere of security and safety. We reiterate once more our resolve to destroy the straying group of terrorists, and fight back “takfiris” through sound thought. There is no place in the land of the Two Holy Mosques for extremism since we are, praise be to Allah, a moderate nation that is neither extreme nor negligent. From this platform we salute our brave security forces as well as the rest of our gallant forces. We appreciate their heroism and pray for the martyred. We promise them a clear-cut victory.

You have been so helpful in the development process through sound views and the regulations you proposed. We have no doubt that you will continue playing an important role and shouldering responsibilities.

To every citizen, male or female, I say the following: I have known you and you have known me throughout the years. You have always been sincere, faithful and loyal in your commitment. You will find me sincere to my religion and country and I will be among you up to my commitment in the good days and the bad ones, as a brother and father and a friend.