2006 Press Release

Prince Turki to tour New Orleans' devastated Nineth Ward
Prince Turki to tour New Orleans' devastated Nineth Ward to review progress and assesses future needs

[New Orleans, Louisiana] -- Today, Saudi Ambassador to the United States Prince Turki Al-Faisal toured New Orleans’ Ninth Ward to review progress made in rebuilding the city and to assess future needs of areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

“Through humanitarian aid and other support, the Saudi people have lent a helping hand as New Orleans restores its place in the world,” said Prince Turki.  “I am here to see
first-hand what impact there has been…and to see how we, as members of the global community, can better prepare for natural disasters and other events that impact all humans across the world.” 

After the ruin caused by Hurricane Katrina, the people of Saudi Arabia have been working to provide those living on the U.S. Gulf Coast with needed relief assistance.  According to the United Nations, the Kingdom was one of the largest contributors to the Katrina Relief Fund outside the U.S.  Throughout the emergency, Saudi Arabia coordinated with the American Red Cross and other U.S. humanitarian groups to find the best ways to support relief efforts.

The Kingdom also has been working with several regional organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Second Harvesters Food Bank, and Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, to rebuild homes and provide assistance to families in the Gulf Coast region.

“Despite the devastation, we should continue to be encouraged by returning signs of life to this area.  A great catastrophe occurred, and it will take years to recover,” remarked Prince Turki.  “There is a lot of evidence of some fundamental recovery taking place.  The people of Saudi Arabia stand with the people of New Orleans as they revive this great city.”