2006 Press Release

Saudi Ambassador remarks on Iraq Study Group findings

WASHINGTON, DC [December 7, 2006] – Saudi Ambassador to the United States Prince Turki Al-Faisal today noted the findings of the Iraq Study Group and commended its co-chairs, James Baker III and Lee Hamilton, on their exhaustive work producing the report issued yesterday.  Prince Turki added that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been monitoring the situation in Iraq, and restated the importance of maintaining Iraq’s stability and independence.  The Kingdom has provided economic and humanitarian aid to the Iraqi people and continues to urge all parties in Iraq to overcome their differences.

Prince Turki welcomed the report’s recommendation for a comprehensive settlement for all Middle East conflicts, which the Kingdom has always maintained are interconnected and affect global security and stability.  The Kingdom has specifically stressed the importance of settling the Palestinian-Israeli conflict towards achieving these goals. 

The Ambassador expressed the hope that international cooperation will result in achieving security, stability and territorial integrity of Iraq.