2006 News Story

Prince Turki opens Saudi culture exhibit in Iowa

Saudi Ambassador to the US Prince Turki Al-Faisal opened an exhibition on Saudi culture and civilization at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls today.

In remarks on the occasion, Prince Turki discussed modern Saudi history and culture as well as development in the Kingdom. He pointed out that Saudi Arabia has taken a number of steps to participate in the global economy, including developing its infrastructure, joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) and enacting political reforms.

This process of Saudi modernization will take place at its own pace and will be based on the values and traditions of the Saudi people, the ambassador added.

“Our nation is taking off, and we are reaching out to the world around us. But as we continue to build our society and actively participate in the global community, we are making sure we are doing so in a way that is consistent with our traditions,” he said.

“The building of a global community does not mean that all countries must be alike.  Rather, it means we are all able to engage this shared system in our own way.”

The exhibit, which will last for two days, includes information about Saudi history, culture, heritage, economy, government and social services. It is being sponsored by a number of offices and programs at the UNI and the Saudi Students Club.

Transcript of Prince Turki’s remarks