2006 News Story

OIC General Secretariat plans intensive drive to hire women

The General Secretariat of the Jeddah-based Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) plans an intensive drive to hire women in a range of departments as part of its restructuring effort this year, the Gulf News reported today.

Atta Al-Mannan Al-Bakhit, assistant secretary general for media affairs for the OIC, said that women would be hired for departments including media, economic exchange, settling international disputes and family affairs. He noted that women currently work at OIC offices in New York and Geneva.

“The only criterion for appointment will be their qualifications and capabilities,” Al-Bakhit said, as quoted in the Gulf News. He reaffirmed that there would not be any sex disparity in this respect.

Al-Bakhit said that the OIC General Secretariat would give top priority to women while implementing its 10-year plan to restructure the organization. He also announced plans for an international Islamic conference for women in Turkey in 2006.