2006 News Story

Religious leaders stress moderation in Eid Al-Adha sermons

Imam of the Holy Mosque Sheikh Abdelrahman Al-Sudais led the Eid Al-Adha prayers in Makkah today. In his sermon, Sheikh Al-Sudais stressed that Islam is a religion of moderation and mercy for all mankind, and that it has nothing to do with the dangerous phenomenon of terrorism. He noted that the deviation of thought has been one of the most dangerous issues faced by the Muslim nation, and called for the deviations to be corrected.

Sheikh Al-Sudais also said that reform should not be imposed on a nation, but should come from within.

In Riyadh’s Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque, Sheikh Abdulmohsen bin Ibrahim Al-AsSheikh also emphasized the importance of eradicating terrorism, and called for an approach to Islam that is characterized by moderation.