2006 News Story

King Abdullah calls for adherence to Islamic principles in address

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz today held his annual reception for leaders and other distinguished guests performing the Hajj this year. At the reception, King Abdullah delivered a speech in which he encouraged Muslims to apply principles exemplified during the Hajj throughout the year. These principles are unity, equality, consultation, identity and a mutual love and respect, the King said.

First is unity, the King stated. “If the unity witnessed during the days of Hajj, the unity which dissolves the barriers of race and color, were to become apparent in the daily actions of Muslims when dealing with one another, we would be in a much different situation than we are now,” he said.

The second principle is equality. “If this equality which Islam calls to, could become the status quo of our societies, we would then rid ourselves of the ills of poverty and despotism,” he explained.

Third is consultation. “We can see with our own eyes how, during the days of Hajj, Muslims are able to interact and relate with each other in spite of their national and ideological differences,” the King said. “This interaction, along with the resulting dialogue and consultation related to it, must become the norm by which we deal with each other.”

Fourth, is a spiritual connection that is the true identity of the Muslim nation. “The Muslim nation is not able to divest itself of its identity, unless it rids itself of both its present, past and future.”

Finally is mutual love and respect. “If this mutual love and respect could only be part of our daily routine in dealing with our brothers in faith, we would not have become victims of differences, disputes, and conflict.”

These five principles, which are epitomized in the teachings of Islam and are realized during the Hajj, represent the path for the future, the King said. “Through determination, faith, and good deeds, the path is drawn out in front of us to the bright future which we desire for our nation. A future of nobility, might and victory, God willing,” he said.