2006 News Story

Saudi coast guard rescues 22 in Egypt ferry tragedy

Saudi Coast Guard rescued twenty-two passengers, including two Saudis, from the Egyptian ferry Al-Salam 98 that sunk in the Red Sea while on its way to Egypt early Friday morning.  The rescued were identified as:

  1. Fahd Salih Almorshid, Saudi
  2. Mohammad Zayed Mohammad Aldoosary, Saudi
  3. Mohammad Hamid Mohammad Hamid, Egyptian
  4. Waleed Mohammad Basyooni, Egyptian
  5. Abdulnasir Ahmad Abdulrahman, Egyptian
  6. Ahmad Mohammad Rashwan, Egyptian
  7. Osamah Mohammad Abdulaziz Ismaeel, Egyptian
  8. Saad Hasan Ahmad Motawie, Egyptian
  9. Ahmad Hijazi Dhahi, Egyptian
  10. Obaid Sodqi Alsayed, Egyptian
  11. Ashraf Hamid Hasan Daood, Egyptian
  12. Abdulnasir Mohammad Abdulateef, Egyptian
  13. Abdulbaqi Salih Abdulbaqi, Egyptian
  14. Hilmi Mohammad Ahmad Abdulkareem, Egyptian
  15. Ahmad Mohammad Abu Sha'aisha' Mandoor, Egyptian
  16. Mohammad Ramadan A'rafah Alsa'aidi, Egyptian 
  17. Waleed Abdulaziz Mohammad, Egyptian
  18. Khalid Rifae Mohammd, Egyptian
  19. Eid Abdulsalam Mohammd, Egyptian
  20. Ashraf Mahmood Mohammad, Egyptian
  21. Hilmi Mohammad Eid, Egyptian
  22. Alsayed Ahmad Alseyed Alhinawi, Egyptian