2006 News Story

Saudi Ambassador discusses education in the Kingdom at Princeton

  Prince Turki at Princeton University

Saudi Ambassador to the US Prince Turki Al-Faisal discussed education in the Kingdom in remarks at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University yesterday.

Prince Turki outlined steps the Kingdom has taken to ensure that its educational system meets the needs of today’s global community. First, Saudi Arabia is upgrading and modernizing its educational curriculums, including removing materials that are perceived as intolerant, he said.

Second, Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in its educational system. It has allocated 26 percent of the state budget to higher education, and has established new schools at all levels throughout the country. Prince Turki also noted that professional development programs for women are being expanded, as there are now more women graduates than men.

Finally, Prince Turki said that the Kingdom is emphasizing cultural exchange in order to broaden its citizens’ horizons. To that end, it is offering scholarship programs so that Saudi students can study abroad.

“If our citizens possess the skills and understanding to compete effectively with their global peers, then they will be active contributors to the global community.  They will be promoters of peace and tolerance throughout the world,” Prince Turki said.

“And perhaps then we will become the wellspring of understanding, education and culture for humanity that we aspire to be.”

Transcript of Prince Turki’s remarks