2006 News Story

Crown Prince Sultan rejects Iranian offer of nuclear technology

In remarks to reporters after attending a ceremony at Kingdom Schools in Riyadh on May 3, Crown Prince Sultan rejected an offer by Iran to provide nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia and other Arabian Gulf nations, the Arab News reported yesterday.

Crown Prince Sultan also called on Iran and Western powers to cooperate with each other for the betterment of humanity, the Arab News reported. They are currently in a standoff over Iran’s nuclear program.

Saudi Arabia has frequently stated that it seeks a diplomatic solution to the standoff with Iran, and that it advocates a ban on all weapons of mass destruction in the region. Crown Prince Sultan noted, however, that the Kingdom would not take a stance against Iran on the issue as long as Israel has nuclear weapons, according to the Arab News.

Asked about reports that Saudi Arabian Airlines has reached a deal with Boeing to purchase new airplanes, Crown Prince Sultan replied that while the carrier’s old aircraft would be replaced, the Kingdom will not revoke its deal with Airbus.