2006 News Story

Sixteen Saudi Guantanamo detainees repatriated; names given

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz said today that Saudi authorities secured the release of 16 Saudi citizens detained at the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The 16 detainees arrived in the Kingdom this morning by private plane.

The relatives of the 16 have been informed of their arrival and the Ministry of Interior is providing the necessary facilities so they can meet, Prince Nayef said.

The minister also noted that the adherence to regulations and instructions by previously released detainees played a positive role in securing the release of the latest 16. They will be subject to the laws of the Kingdom, he said.

Prince Nayef expressed his appreciation for the cooperation of US authorities in the matter, and said that efforts remain ongoing to repatriate the remaining Saudi detainees in the near future.

The Ministry of Interior issued a second statement providing the names of the 16 detainees who returned to the Kingdom today.

They are: Mohammad Ayah Moshin Al-Zayali; Salim Salman Awadh Allah Al-Harbi; Yousuf Abdullah Saleh Al-Rubaesh; Solaiman Saad Mohammad Alo’Oshan; Jaber Jabran Ali Al-Fayfee; Ibrahim Suleiman Mohammad Al-Rubaesh; Abdullah Mohammad Al-Oudaini Al-Yamani; Anwar Hamdan Mohammad Al-Nour; Hajee Hajaj Awadh al-Sulaimi; Abdulaziz Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Nasir; Ziyad Saeed Faraj Al-Jahdali; Majed Hamad Abdulrahman Al-Fareij; Bassam Mohammad Saleh Al-Dubakhee; Saed Ali Al-Farha Al-Ghamdi; Sultan Sari Sayel Al-Onaizi; and Abdulrahman Mohammad Hosain Alkholani.

The Ministry said that those requiring information about the 16 can call the following telephone number: 966 (1) 4034375. As dialed from the US, the number is 011-966 (1) 4034375.