2006 News Story

Saudi students, professor awarded scholarships to Italy

Three Saudi students and a professor from King Saud University in Riyadh have won scholarships to Perugia University in Italy, one of the country’s leading universities, the Arab News reported today.


Two of the students, Samy Al-Yahya and Ibrahim Al-Zubaidi, will attend intensive Italian language and literature courses, while the third, Riad Al-Thobaity, will attend a one-year master’s program in tourism.  Professor Abdelrazek Abdul Aziz will take a specialist course in teaching Italian to non-Italian speakers.

“It is something that we continue doing each year. These scholars were recommended by the KSU due to their high grades and achievement in mastering the Italian language,” Italian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Eugenio d’Aura told the Arab News.

The scholarships are part of a 1973 cultural agreement between Saudi Arabia and Italy. Since then, several Saudis have been awarded scholarships to study in Italy.