2006 News Story

Prince Saud al-Faisal addresses Arab Foreign Minister’s emergency meeting

Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal today addressed an emergency closed door meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo.  In his address, Prince Saud criticized some who have taken impromptu and emotional decisions without thinking of the consequences that have led to the disastrous results in the last half a century.

He added that such behavior has led to numerous tragedies and the loss and occupation of Arab territories.

Prince Saud said it was unacceptable for a member of the Arab League to take unilateral decisions.  He added that the consequences of such actions affect not only the particular country but also other members and lead to miscalculated adventures.

Prince Saud noted that the Israeli government has been continuing its hateful occupation polices and been engaged in premeditated and repeated destruction of infrastructure.  He added that Israel has also constantly violated human rights, engaged in unlawful targeted assassinations and has shown disdain for all established international norms and conventions.  Prince Saud added that the international community shoulders the responsibility for overlooking Israel’s aggression and illegal behavior.

Prince Saud called upon Arab foreign ministers to establish an effective mechanism to formulate a successful response to the crisis.  He emphasized that the League must be a party to a solution of the conflict, rather than part of the problem.  The foreign minister  called for a speedy end to the Israeli aggression against Lebanon and Palestine, an end to the violence, and for the prevalence of dialogue.