2006 News Story

Foreign Minister stresses Saudi support for Lebanon, Palestinians

  Prince Saud Al-Faisal

In a statement to the press today, Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al-Faisal said that Saudi Arabia strongly condemns Israel’s all-out war on Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. These attacks punish innocent civilians, violate human rights and destroy infrastructure without consideration for international conventions, he said.

Prince Saud warned the international community of the dangerous situation in the region given the lax international approach to dealing with Israel’s policies. He added that the positions of some countries suggest support for Israel’s practices, which prevents the UN Security Council from taking a firm decision on the crisis.

The Kingdom’s position on this issue was reaffirmed by the Arab League Council, which called on all parties not engage in acts that destabilize the region, the minister said.

Prince Saud said that if there is intervention by any party, particularly non-Arabs, then it would be in the interest of Arab countries. He emphasized the importance of a cease-fire in order to discuss issues such as the release of an Israeli soldier being held by Hizballah and Palestinian prisoners.

Saudi Arabia fully supports the Lebanese government and its efforts to maintain sovereignty and establish its authority throughout the country, Prince Saud said.

He also underscored the Kingdom’s full support for the Palestinian Authority and its efforts to control the situation and seek Palestinian unity.