2006 News Story

Saudi relief group allocates $5.7 million in urgent aid to Lebanon

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, who is also heads the Saudi Popular Campaign for the Relief of the Lebanese People, has allocated SR 21,375,000 [$5.7 million] for urgent relief assistance to the people of Lebanon.

The relief aid includes foodstuffs and medical supplies, Dr Sa'ed Al-Harethi, advisor to Prince Nayef, said. The aid will be distributed in coordination with a number of international and Lebanese organizations, he said.

Saudi Arabia has acted quickly to provide substantial aid to Lebanon. Immediately after the crisis began, Saudi Arabia provided $50 million in emergency relief assistance. On July 25, the Kingdom announced a separate aid package for Lebanon that includes a $500 million grant for reconstruction and a $1 billion deposit with the Central Bank of Lebanon to support the Lebanese economy. 

In addition, a July 26 telethon to raise money for the Lebanese people collected more than SR 109 million [$29 million]. And on July 27, the Kingdom dispatched a fully equipped field hospital to Beirut to provide much-needed medical care.