2006 News Story

Saudi Arabia condemns massacre in Lebanese town of Qana

Saudi Arabia condemned today's Israeli massacre in Qana, Lebanon and called for an immediate cease-fire.

In today's statement, a Saudi official said that most of those killed in Qana were women and children seeking shelter from Israeli attacks.

"The Kingdom condemns this brutal act which has no respect for law, sanctity or covenant," the official said, adding that the war has destroyed lives as well as the Lebanese economy.

Israel would not have violated Lebanon in this way if the international community had reached an agreement on a cease-fire. In addition, the attacks would not continue without the moral, political and material support of some countries to Israel, the official said.

Saudi Arabia calls for an immediate cease-fire as demanded by the Lebanese government, the official said.  The Kingdom also warns of the consequences of the Israeli aggression that could expand the cycle of violence.