2006 News Story

Conference for the gifted concludes in Jeddah

The four-day Regional Scientific Conference for Giftedness concluded yesterday, the Arab News reported today. Over 2,000 education experts and educators from Arab, Islamic and international public and private institutions attended the conference seminars, which were held in Jeddah.

The conference emphasized the need for developing and studying services for the gifted. In 21 sessions and 89 reports, participants discussed ways to identify gifted children, concepts and theories associated with giftedness, programs for gifted individuals that develop critical thinking, and ways to help the gifted with disabilities.

Organizations that participated in the conference included the Asian Council for the Gifted, the International Association for Science and Education, the International Council for Gifted Children, the Office for Arab Education in the Gulf and the Emirates Association for the Welfare of the Gifted.

Participants also recommended the creation of a special fund to support projects, inventions, and creative thinking, and called on businessmen and investors to donate to this fund.

As part of the conference, some 200 Saudi inventors exhibited their inventions, the Saudi Gazette reported yesterday. Most of the inventors are young students.

One 20-year-student from Taybiah University in Madinah invented a new way to produce pure water from a water conversion apparatus using natural energy, using the principle of condensation.

A 13-year-old student from Yanbu recycled toy parts to create a cap for the deaf that can help them realize when someone is calling them. Another student made a car that runs on solar energy.